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eyeCam, Inc.

eyeCam, Inc.

The Power is in Your Hand!

San Francisco, California, US

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eyeCam, Inc.
eyeCam, Inc.
The Power is in Your Hand!
$7,078,315 of $500K

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$7,078,315 of $500,000
Convertible Note

eyeCam, Inc. is raising $500,000 with a minimum reservation of $10,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • eyeCam is introducing eyeHand the wearable smartphone
  • eyeCam is developing a huge portfolio of wearable products
  • Investors receive a revenue interest in all eyeCam products

Elevator Pitch

eyeCam is turning every hand on the planet into a touchscreen display with eyeHand the wearable smartphone


20 Issued Patents
12 Employees


Raised $3.5 million in funding

September, 2017

20 granted patents, 15 pending, 50+ in preparation, many more in the pipeline

December, 2017

25+ team members, 12 corporate partners – 3 firmware and software engineering companies

September, 2017

2 app development companies and 2 video production companies join as product development partners

March, 2016

2 law firms and a market research firm join as partners

March, 2016

Introduced a stock & profit sharing model for investors (Investors receive a revenue interest in all eyeCam products)

March, 2016

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does eyeCam make money?

eyeCam will have five primary revenue streams: 1) Product and Enterprise Acquisitions 2) Product and IP Licensing & Sales 3) Product Development, Marketing & Sales Services 4) Advertisement Revenue 5) Subscription Fees

What is the timeline for initial ROI and profit sharing?

18 – 24 months

Will eyeCam provide profit and loss reports? How often?

eyeCam will provide quarterly reports

What type of shares will Crowdfunding investors receive?

Crowdfunder Investors receive Preferred Shares at a 20% discount following our Series A round of financing

How are the shares valued?

The Shares are valued based on a maximum enterprise valuation of $30 million upon Series A financing

How is each Investor's Revenue Interest calculated?

In addition to stock, investors receive a proportional revenue interest in the sale of all eyeCam products and companies based on each investor’s stock ownership in eyeCam, Inc. and eyeCam, Inc. stock ownership in each product and company which will vary based on the size of eyeCam’s role in the development and financing of each project (ranging from 20 - 50%)

What rate of return is anticipated?

1600%+ Stock ROI and an additional 10 - 15% Cash ROI from a revenue interest in the sale of all eyeCam products and enterprises.

Who has fiduciary responsibility for the funds and disbursements?

Bryan Davis, CEO of eyeCam, Inc.

How will eyeCam use the funds raised in this round?

eyeCam will use the funds to: 1) Build the fully functional prototype of the eyeHand wearable smartphone 2) Build fully functional prototypes of the adaptive display, 3D interfacing & multilayered biometric ID systems 3) Expand the eyeCam IP portfolio (prepare and file over 50 patents) 4) Open the eyeCam office in San Francisco

What is the breakdown of expenses?

1) Management & Operations: $1.5 million 2) Firmware Development: $3 million 3) Software & UI Development: $3.5 million 4) Marketing, PR & Multimedia: $0.5 million 5) Legal & Intellectual Property: $0.5 million 6) Office & Equipment: $1 million