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eyeCam, Inc.

eyeCam, Inc.

The Power is in Your Hand!

San Francisco, California, US

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eyeCam, Inc.
eyeCam, Inc.
The Power is in Your Hand!
$7,078,315 of $500K

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Company Overview

eyeCam is turning every hand into a smartphone display, eliminating the need for handheld phones. With eyeHand, the wearable smartphone, the hand and fingers become a touchscreen display, 3D mouse and controller, biometric key, wallet and IoT command center.

eyeHand is more than a product it is a platform for generations of new devices, applications and services. eyeHand adaptive display, 3D interfacing and biometric identification systems improve the way we live, work, play, pay, travel and interact with our world.

Our Company

eyeCam is an engine of innovation. Our focus is product design for acquisition, we design and engineer products for other companies to manufacture and sell as their own. eyeCam provides innovators with a platform and ecosystem for turnkey product development and companies with a one-stop-shop for acquiring emerging products and companies.

Our Team

eyeCam's team includes some of the leading designers, developers, engineers, business, marketing, legal and intellectual property professionals. Each member of our management team has run their own company and is overseeing an independent product development group.

Our Technology

eyeCam has twelve granted patents, fifteen pending, fifty in preparation and many more in the pipeline. We are developing the intellectual property for a mobile ecosystem, from a wearable smartphone headset, watch and glasses to the eyeHand adaptive display, 3D interfacing and biometric ID systems. eyeCam is designing the future of wearables and the Internet of Things.

Our Purpose

eyeCam is building a full equity model for innovation. Our purpose is to provide everyone with the opportunity to participate and profit from innovation. Everyone on our team is a partner of the product or company in which they are investing time and services or resources and capital.

Our Opportunity

eyeCam investors own a stake in a continuous flow of emerging products. Instead of investing in a single company or portfolio of companies, eyeCam investors receive a combination of stock in eyeCam, Inc. and a revenue interest in the sale of all eyeCam products and companies. With over 50 projects in the pipeline eyeCam offers an unparalleled opportunity for investors.


20 Issued Patents
12 Employees

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Raised $3.5 million in funding

September, 2017

20 granted patents, 15 pending, 50+ in preparation, many more in the pipeline

December, 2017

25+ team members, 12 corporate partners – 3 firmware and software engineering companies

September, 2017

2 app development companies and 2 video production companies join as product development partners

March, 2016

2 law firms and a market research firm join as partners

March, 2016

Introduced a stock & profit sharing model for investors (Investors receive a revenue interest in all eyeCam products)

March, 2016


eyeCam has technology that can change the world and make wearable devices much more useful then todays devices. This is exciting to be involved in.
Walt Maclay CEO, Voler Systems
Walt Maclay
I joined the team because of eyeCam’s comprehensive solution, numerous product offerings and experienced team.
James Huie Attorney, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
James Huie
The reason we joined the project is because Studio Red likes advanced technology plays and we believe that eyeHand may lead to some really good applications.
Philip Bourgeois CEO, Studio Red
Philip Bourgeois
I am excited about working with eyeCam because they are delving into futuristic technology that has only been seen in movies and video games. When I put on the eyeHand wrist mounted prototype and the image was projected onto my hand it made me believe that that the technology could work.
Tai Geng Industrial Design, Studio Red
Tai Geng
”The wearables and IoT markets include consumer, sports, fitness, medical, enterprise, finance, transportation, security and other industry verticals. eyeCam’s wearable 3D imaging, interfacing, display, operating, networking and biometric identification systems have unlimited applications, and the opportunity to generate significant revenue.”
Heidi Groshelle Principal, Groshelle Communications
Heidi Groshelle


Team Member Name

Jonathan Salzedo

Chief Software Engineer

Oxbridge Inc. (Software Engineer) Clients: HP, IBM, Atari, Dysan, Easton Corp., Fluidigm, Molecular Devices. BA (Honors) Mathematics, Oxford University Read More
Team Member Name

Serdar Yeralan

Optics Engineering Lead

PerkinElmer (R&D Manager), DigiLens (Sr Fiberoptic Scientist), Advanced Diagnostics (Founder/President). Ph.D. Applied Physics/Mechanical Engineering Read More
Team Member Name

Mark Brinkerhoff

Chief Mechanical Engineer

Fusion Design (President), Product Realization Group (Senior Partner), Amdahl (Engineering Manager), HP (Manufacturing Engineer) B.S.M.E., Cal Poly Read More
Team Member Name

Heidi Groshelle

Marketing Director

Groshelle Communications (Principal) Client Media Coverage: ABC TV, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Forrester Research, Gartner Group, Newsweek, New York Times, Read More
Team Member Name

Alexandra Pony

Communications Director

Alexandra has worked on Jimmy Kimmel Live, in-house at Graham & Associates PR, and at Katalyst Films in Hollywood. She is gregarious, creative and outgoing. ... Read More

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