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Your link to the online lending marketplace.

Logan, Utah, US

small business, financial services, online lending marketplace

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Company Overview

The emergence of an online lending marketplace has changed the way the world accesses credit. Investors and borrowers are no longer dependent upon the traditional banking system, which is known for its inefficiencies, waste, overhead, and red tape.

Peer-to-peer and crowdfunding investors can now enjoy impressive returns on their small and large investments while borrowers benefit from a more direct lending relationship.

The ExtraFunds Group funds and services loans in the short-term online lending marketplace. We are a financial solution for customers needing short-term credit, an industry segment that traditional banks have largely vacated. We offer efficient real-time underwriting, customer verification, and collection services for short-term marketplace lenders, providing customers with quick and efficient access to much-needed capital.

More than 12 million Americans use short-term credit every year, spending approximately $7.4 billion annually. ExtraFunds services a robust short-term lending portfolio for its lending partner, with total revenues of more than $20 million since 2009.


26 Employees
$2,200,000 Sales
Cash Flow Positive

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Revenue associated with the 2014 lending year reached $2 million.

January, 2015

Increased average daily loan volume for December 2014 by 100% (compared to August 2014).

January, 2015

Began raising capital for ExtraFunds' newest lending portfolio.

July, 2014


I really love and enjoy using ExtraFunds for my extra cash needs. It is a very quick and easy experience. Using ExtraFunds for my cash needs has been smooth sailing and very helpful for me.
Quaina, MS Customer
Quaina, MS
ExtraFunds has some of the best customer service that is out there and that means a lot to me - I truly love calling and getting to talk to a real person. The service is fast and convenient. When times are hard, ExtraFunds makes it easier!
Janell, CA Customer
Janell, CA
I recommend ExtraFunds to anyone that needs short-term funding. ExtraFunds' customer service is great and I feel like part of their family. I would not choose any other lender besides them.
Lizmarie, KS Customer
Lizmarie, KS
ExtraFunds has been fast, friendly and compassionate to my needs. I would recommend ExtraFunds to anyone in need of last-minute cash.
Jerod, MI Customer
Jerod, MI
My experiences with ExtraFunds have been wonderful. Their customer service representatives are so polished and professional. When anyone I know needs assistance with cash, I gladly tell them that ExtraFunds is the place to go!
Kenneth, IL Customer
Kenneth, IL