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Evermore Park

Evermore Park

Next Evolution of Immersive Themed Entertainment

Pleasant Grove, Utah, US

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$1,125,000 of $4,000,000

Evermore Park is raising $4,000,000 with a minimum reservation of $25,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • Unleveraged 22 - 40% Return on Equity
  • 30%+ Operating Margins
  • Sponsor Investment: $11 million (Phase I) - $10 million (Phase 2)

Elevator Pitch

Seasoned management team with extensive experience in location based entertainment & theme park creation/operations. Evermore's first flagship park is currently under construction.


30% ROI
21 Employees
6000 Users


Ken Bretschneider (Founder/CEO) provides seed capital to start design of Evermore Park.

September, 2013

Test event created called Pumpkin Fest, selling over 5,000 tickets in 7 days and receiving an overwhelming/positive response from customers.

October, 2014

Ken Bretschneider (Founder/CEO) provides majority of capital needed to start development/construction of Evermore Park (Phase 1).

June, 2016

Design of Evermore Park (Phase 1) is finalized.

November, 2016

Opened Evermore's Creative Studio - featuring the best in practical and digital effects design to support events and themed parties.

January, 2017

Construction of Evermore Park (Phase 1) is underway.

February, 2017

Senior Team Expanded - Josh Shipley named CCO (former 21 YR Disney Imagineer) & Logan Long Effects Director (seen on TV Show FaceOff).

March, 2017

Acquisition Team travel to Europe to identify and purchase Key Antiques (artifacts & architectural details) from the 14th to 18th Century.

July, 2017

Evermore acquires the domain and launches new website.

August, 2017

Various trademarks for the brand Evermore finalized in several classifications. Expanding International trademarks and filing patents.

September, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Evermore?

Evermore is a new concept in experiential location based entertainment. Evermore Park is designed to look and feel like an old European village/hamlet set in lush gardens. Think of Evermore like a giant stage, which will host immersive and interactive festival/shows, themed parties and special events (4th of July, New Years Eve, etc.). All evening events are ticketed, where as day-time events (9 AM - 5 PM) revolve around the gardens and require a seasonal or day passes. Evermore will also host corporate events (based on a full or timed booking of the park).

How does Evermore differ from other theme parks?

Evermore is not a typical theme park as we do not have rides with the exception of our train and horse drawn carriage rides. Evermore is a place to experience and participate in interactive story. Evermore is also a place of exploration both in the designed sets/environments, but also through social play. Evermore could also be described as a live interactive game during events that focus on greater interactivity (gamification of story).

Why invest in Evermore?

Evermore is breaking new ground in entertainment. More and more people are turning back to the real world looking for adventure. So much of our time is spent with electronic devices that limit us to 2 dimensions. People are looking for new/exciting ways to socialize and play. Evermore combines many proven concepts regarding experiential entertainment. There are many examples of permanent interactive entertainment experiences, which have been highly successful such as immersive plays (Sleep No More - NYC), haunted attractions (Universal Studios - Hollywood Horror Nights - CA & FL), escape rooms, and the list goes on. Evermore will host many similar events from a single location and at an affordable price (for the cost of a cheap dinner and movie) and will expand the entertainment possibilities, while also increasing the level of detail and production. The market opportunity is represented in the $Billions. Evermore is less of a park and more like a giant stage that places people into new worlds of adventure.

Why now is the right time to invest in Evermore?

This is a two part answer. First Evermore has a proven business model both from an industry perspective, but also directly through test events that generated thousands of ticket sales in a single week and extremely high customer satisfaction/reviews. Second it's our objective to limit investment in the parent company to this round. As we further develop our operational model we will explore the possibility of opening up new Evermore Park locations and expand new vertical opportunities (e.g. out of park pop-up events, online/digital subscriber content, etc.) seeking out joint venture partnerships or bank financing that capitalize single locations or other business verticals. The current investment round offers the same Class A units issued to the company's Founder.

How will money be made on this investment?

Our projections show that Evermore should experience profitability in year one, paying out quarterly dividends to unit holders (Investment Partners). It's not our objective to sell the company or go public. However, we would certainly consider buying units back at current fair market value in the future to provide a liquidity event for those investors looking for a quicker exit. Note: there are forward looking statements in this paragraph, all Investors must refer to Evermore's Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) when considering investment.

What will my investment be used for?

There are no current outstanding company obligations, and hence, investment proceeds will be used exclusively for the build-out of Phase I of Evermore Park as a world-class entertainment venue.

Why was Utah selected as Evermore's flagship location?

Evermore first park was designed to fit the market in Utah. Utah is experiencing rapid growth in a variety of sectors, mostly in technology. Utah has a dearth of high-quality entertainment options. The Evermore management team is located adjacent to the park and has a successful track record starting and growing business ventures in Utah.