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European Work Force

European Work Force

Recruitment Agency

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Company Overview

I would like to establish a small office [hopefully to get bigger in time] and start helping people, connecting them with the right Employers. From several years, I see that huge percent of young and gifted young poeople can't find the right job, even any job at first place. Would like to change that, and present them an option for working in their Country, or even in foreign contries, where applicable and where have demands of young professionals.

I will need so many things, as a web-site, rent accommodation for office, office furniture, scanner, printer, computer, one of the most important - 3 types of licenses from the government, etc.

I could not establish that on my own, anyway, that is why I'm here, if I could get any support, will be in great benefit for me and my future agency...

Thank you for your time getting know with me and my dream!