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Emerging Technology Ventures Inc.

Emerging Technology Ventures Inc.

Innovative Unmanned System Solutions - From Concept to Market

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Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

Emerging Technology Ventures (ETV) was started to tap the innovative unmanned systems technologies that are being developed in small businesses across the United States. These companies are challenged by the lack of a systems approach and the resulting ability to team with similar technology companies to deliver a comprehensive market solution. ETV's business model is to develop these relationships while pursuing the development of critical software to enable cross-platform interoperability.

What Sets Us Apart

A key discriminator for Emerging Technology Ventures (ETV) is its public-private investment model. Our strategy seeks to match private investment with public investment to create a unique shareholder proposition. Using public investments for infrastructure and workforce development allows ETV's private equity investment to be focused on critical internal research & development to create intellectual property in the the command & control for collaborative, cross-domain unmanned system solutions.

Our Keys To Success

Emerging Technology Ventures (ETV) has identified strategic keys to success including: (1) Public investment and partnership, realized through $500,000 of infrastructure investment for a regional innovation center led by ETV, (2) Private investment, realized through $100,000 of convertible debt with $32,000 currently closed, (3) Intellectual property development of command & control software, (4) Key relationships with customers, under development with shared research and development.

Pitch Deck


  • ETV receives $145,000 for job training incentives for five (5) company new hires including systems engineering and production operations.

    9, 2014
  • ETV receives a $548,000 contract award to manage the Autonomous & Unmanned Systems Cluster of Southeastern New Mexico,

    9, 2014
  • ETV received a $500,000 infrastructure investment from the State of New Mexico and City of Alamogordo.

    June, 2014