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Real, Easy, Fun, the worlds first modern messaging platform!

Richmond, Massachusetts, US

healthcare, mobile, security, tech startup

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Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

We started this company because there is a real issue with how much data is collected on everyday people. The common statement from largest social networking applications is that people don t care about privacy as long as they get features in return for it! They prove this by showing the age demographic of private applications. We believe, after looking at the competition in depth, that people want privacy, but they do not want to sacrifice features they know and love just for privacy.

What Sets Us Apart

This is how we stand out! We are the team that will build the cutting edge of private communication technology. We consist of six RIT students who are committed to building an application we would use. Our teams advantage is, that we have yet to be tainted with the traditions of the Cryptography space. We are well aware of the standard solutions in the space, but we are not stuck in the same rut the cryptography space is currently stuck in. We focus on our three core values Real, Easy, and Fun.

Our Keys To Success

There are many major factors to success, but we will focus on the following: One, marketing with specific markets targeted without making general users feel excluded. Two, gaining developers to finish the current application and move on to the applications for other sectors including the medical field and others.


2800 Users
6 Employees

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The new versions of IOS, Android, and Windows went live with our first non-privacy related feature Ghost!

October, 2014

CES prep will be complete. Including the integration of Rivetz API's into our application to harden the security. This is also a huge PR eve

December, 2014


It has been a great pleasure to watch the Chadder team grow in strength and confidence over the last 6 months. The app is now on IOS, Android and Windows devices but also
Steven Sprague CEO, Rivetz Corp.
Steven Sprague


Team Member Name

Jason Peretz

Web Developer

Team Member Name

Jacob McCormick

Web developer, PR

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Team Member Name

Nick Schroeder

Web Developer

Privacy is not everywhere by default; almost every application that claims that they provide "privacy" has access to the information you send. I work at Etra... Read More