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Eat the Bear

Eat the Bear

Clean. Lean. Nutrition.

Charlotte, North Carolina, US

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$345,000 of $2,000,000

Eat the Bear is raising $2,000,000 with a minimum reservation of $10,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • Above industry-average margins and positive operating income.
  • Currently in more than 1,500 retail locations and growing.
  • Carolina All Pro Linebacker, Luke Kuechly, is an equity holder.

Elevator Pitch

Eat the Bear is a lifestyle brand committed to clean and lean nutrition. ETB's asset light business model has a proven history of fast growth and above industry average profit margin.


4 Employees
$1,105,532 Sales


ETB signed its first wholesale distribution agreement.

June, 2014

ETB completed its acquisition of Choice Nutrition USA.

March, 2015

ETB signed its first European distribution agreement.

March, 2016

ETB signed its South Korea distribution agreement.

April, 2016

ETB won major FDM accounts including HEB (120 locations), Meijer's (200 locations), Academy Sports (200 locations) through Q2 2016.

June, 2016

ETB and Luke Kuechly signed a multi-year endorsement agreement.

July, 2016

Men's Fitness features Eat The Bear protein shakes in article entitled "What NFL Star Luke Kuechly Eats to Fuel his Football Domination".

August, 2016

ETB won a pilot program with Jamba Juice.

August, 2016

Daniel Roberts of Yahoo! Finance features video "How NFL star Luke Kuechly is growing his business off the field" stays Top 5 for 10 days

September, 2016

ETB signs partnership with celebrity trainer, Noah Neiman.

November, 2016

People Magazine mentions Eat The Bear in online article covering boxing workout to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the film Rocky.

November, 2016

ETB annual sales (year-to-date) exceeded $1 million for the first time.

November, 2016

ETB opens up second distributor, Select Nutrition, a subsidiary of UNFI.

December, 2016

ETB introduces an all natural branch chain amino acid (BCAA) in citrus orange flavor in the ETB Naturally line to support recovery.

February, 2017

ETB achieves largest debt raise on separate crowdfunding platform to procure c. $300k of inventory for large grocery/box retail demand.

February, 2017

ETB introduces newest flavor, Blueberry Muffin, in all natural product line, ETB Naturally

March, 2017

Independent appraisal completed valuing the company at $8 million enterprise value up from $1 million in September 2015.

February, 2017

ETB reaches highest monthly revenue of 203k.

February, 2017

ETB receives favorable mention in largest fitness blog "Daily Burn"

March, 2017

ETB receives opening order for more than $600k in 3,000 locations of leading box retailer.

May, 2017

ETB is recognized by and receives large opening order from one of the world's largest online retailers for natural products.

May, 2017

ETB signs strategic partnership with a top 100 Amazon retailer to increase platform revenue 25% over next 12 months with $500k contingency.

May, 2017

Favorable media from popular fitness site Luxury Spot

May, 2017

ETB secures organic Google page-1 placement and search results for two major search assets (pure isolate and pure isolate protein)

April, 2017

Newest flavor of recovery drink ,Jalapeno Margarita, featured on Stack3D

May, 2017

ETB announces Series A round for accredited investors exclusively through Crowdfunder:

May, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can Eat The Bear be found?

Eat The Bear started online in 2011 and now services more than 20,000 customers through its eCommerce platform at In 2014, the Company signed its first wholesale distribution agreement which paved the way for larger opportunities in 2015 and 2016 with some of the largest distributors, independent retailers, and grocery chains. Since June 2014, Eat The Bear has secured placement in over 1,500 brick and mortar locations.

What is timeline for ROI and profit sharing?

The Company has a positive operating income today albeit with an inefficient balance sheet. In addition to R&D and marketing, the use of funds will immediately resolve the inefficient debt structures and immediately result in a positive NOI. The asset light model enables the Company to remain flexible in its selection of contract partners, new products, inventory levels, and other key overhead areas which have handicapped peer companies.

What type of shares will Crowdfunding investors receive?

Crowdfunder investors will receive the exact same shares as the current equity partners in addition to a preferred 4% quarterly coupon for the first two years. The only difference between the Class A and Class B shares offered through Crowdfunder is the voting rights. Class A ($100,000 or more) have preferred coupon and voting rights. While Class B (under $100,000) will have the preferred coupon for the same duration as Class A and current partners, but will not have voting rights.

What stage of enterprise development is the company in?

The company underwent an extensive independent appraisal that was completed in March 2017. According the the AICPA's 2012 Practice Aid Valuation of Privately Held Company Equity Securities Issued as Compensation, the stage of development of an enterprise is an important determinant of the value of the enterprise and an indicator for which approach of approaches for value the enterprise are generally more appropriate. An enterprise typically builds value through the various stages of development but generally not in a linear fashion. Based on qualitative and quantitative analysis of the Company, the appraisal confirmed Eat The Bear as a Stage 4 enterprise based on the key development milestones and notable revenue. Stage 4 enterprises are described as having met key development milestones and have product revenue. Typically, mezzanine rounds of financing occur during this stage. Also, it is frequently in this stage that discussions would start with investment banks for an initial public offering (IPO).

How was the Company valued?

As part of the independent appraisal of the Company completed in March, 2017, on balance with the AICPA Practice Aid, it was determined income and market approaches can be appropriate for companies withing Stage 4 of the enterprise development process. The reliability of a financial forecasts would tend to be higher in Stage 4 than in Stage 3, because there is more information available on which to base the forecast. If there were comparable publicly traded enterprises from which to obtain information, a valuation specialist may consider such enterprises under a market approach and adjust the valuation considering the enterprise's relative size, expected growth, and profitability. The independent appraisal of the Company relied solely on the indication of value from the income approach (discounted cash flow). Market approaches were considered but not relied upon, due to the lack of similar public companies and acquisition targets similar to the Company offering a unique position for the Company.

How will Eat The Bear use the funds raised in this round?

Eat The Bear will use the funds as follows: $1.5 million to extinguish inefficient debt, $250k working capital, $150k marketing and $100k R&D to meet new product demand from large drug store chain and international hotel group.