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Eat the Bear

Eat the Bear

Clean. Lean. Nutrition.

Charlotte, North Carolina, US

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Company Overview

ETB stands for "Eat the Bear." A work colleague of ours who was diagnosed with Leukemia a number of years ago used to remind us during challenging times that 'Some days you eat the bear, and some days the bear eats you.' Eat The Bear is not only the company name, but also the brand ethos and company culture around overcoming obstacles and pushing through challenges!

Our Company:

Eat the Bear is a nutrition-based lifestyle business whose mission is to provide clean and lean nutrition to all health, wellness and active lifestyle enthusiasts. Eat The Bear leads the industry in educating consumers on the need for quality nutrition supplements in all life's stages. Founded in the closet of the founder's bedroom in 2011, ETB serves to offer consumers clean and lean nutrition products. What started as one formula for one person has now become a recognized force in nutrition boasting a growing online customer base of more than 20,000 and a presence in more than 1,500 brick and mortar locations including Academy Sports, Jamba Juice, HEB, Meijers, and many others.

Our Products

With a growing product portfolio of 28 SKUs, Eat The Bear has separated itself by making products that meet the needs of active lifestyle enthusiasts of all ages rather than just gym goers. ETB:

  • Is free of banned substances.
  • Discloses ALL ingredients on the labels.
  • Sources ALL ingredients from within the United States.
  • Supports clean and lean athletics by taking an active role in the communities of our customers to ensure the right education of young athletes and the responsible use of sport nutrition products.
  • Provides customers with direct access to ETB's sponsored athletes for training and nutritional guidance…for FREE!

Our Opportunity

ETB has grown from a simple idea to a $2 million sales run rate in 2017. Given the accelerated growth ETB is experiencing after the endorsement by Luke Kuechly, linebacker for the Carolina Panthers, ETB needs incremental capital injection to accommodate the growing working capital requirements and to improve its balance sheet for long term success. With the support of all its stakeholders and the ETB community, ETB is poised to become a significant player in the nutrition market.


4 Employees
$1,105,532 Sales

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ETB signed its first wholesale distribution agreement.

June, 2014

ETB completed its acquisition of Choice Nutrition USA.

March, 2015

ETB signed its first European distribution agreement.

March, 2016

ETB signed its South Korea distribution agreement.

April, 2016

ETB won major FDM accounts including HEB (120 locations), Meijer's (200 locations), Academy Sports (200 locations) through Q2 2016.

June, 2016

ETB and Luke Kuechly signed a multi-year endorsement agreement.

July, 2016

Men's Fitness features Eat The Bear protein shakes in article entitled "What NFL Star Luke Kuechly Eats to Fuel his Football Domination".

August, 2016

ETB won a pilot program with Jamba Juice.

August, 2016

Daniel Roberts of Yahoo! Finance features video "How NFL star Luke Kuechly is growing his business off the field" stays Top 5 for 10 days

September, 2016

ETB signs partnership with celebrity trainer, Noah Neiman.

November, 2016

People Magazine mentions Eat The Bear in online article covering boxing workout to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the film Rocky.

November, 2016

ETB annual sales (year-to-date) exceeded $1 million for the first time.

November, 2016

ETB opens up second distributor, Select Nutrition, a subsidiary of UNFI.

December, 2016

ETB introduces an all natural branch chain amino acid (BCAA) in citrus orange flavor in the ETB Naturally line to support recovery.

February, 2017

ETB achieves largest debt raise on separate crowdfunding platform to procure c. $300k of inventory for large grocery/box retail demand.

February, 2017

ETB introduces newest flavor, Blueberry Muffin, in all natural product line, ETB Naturally

March, 2017

Independent appraisal completed valuing the company at $8 million enterprise value up from $1 million in September 2015.

February, 2017

ETB reaches highest monthly revenue of 203k.

February, 2017

ETB receives favorable mention in largest fitness blog "Daily Burn"

March, 2017

ETB receives opening order for more than $600k in 3,000 locations of leading box retailer.

May, 2017

ETB is recognized by and receives large opening order from one of the world's largest online retailers for natural products.

May, 2017

ETB signs strategic partnership with a top 100 Amazon retailer to increase platform revenue 25% over next 12 months with $500k contingency.

May, 2017

Favorable media from popular fitness site Luxury Spot

May, 2017

ETB secures organic Google page-1 placement and search results for two major search assets (pure isolate and pure isolate protein)

April, 2017

Newest flavor of recovery drink ,Jalapeno Margarita, featured on Stack3D

May, 2017

ETB announces Series A round for accredited investors exclusively through Crowdfunder:

May, 2017


Being in the NFL, Kuechly tells Yahoo Finance, is “all about being clean. You’re putting stuff in your body to help you recover and stay at peak-performance… I try to stay clean on the field and off the field. When you’re looking into these endorsement deals, you have to trust the company and what they stand for. So this wasn’t just going to be a one-time thing.”
Luke Kuechly Carolina All-Pro Linebacker
Luke Kuechly
“Absolutely the best tasting products I’ve ever had, hands down. The chocolate and chocolate peanut butter are just crazy good.”
Noah Neiman Celebrity Trainer
Noah Neiman
"ETB king of protein. Absolutely delicious!"
Chad Blair Customer comments on FB
Chad Blair
"Favorite company for the last year now 👌🏼 cinnamon bun pure isolate is the best isolate ever made!"
Colton Shook Customer comments on FB
Colton Shook
"Y'all's protein is the best in the industry. Hands down."
Katherine Evans Reed Customer comments on FB
Katherine Evans Reed


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Mr. Cittadino has been instrumental in establishing partnerships with leading distributors, grocery, and big-box retailers Read More Unverified
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Nick Uliano


Mr. Uliano is a recent Advertising & Graphic Design graduate from Central Piedmont Community College. Read More