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EPupcycle buys used Electrophysiology (EP) catheters from Hospital EP labs that throw them away after surgery

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Company Overview

Today, hospitals throw away high value Electrophysiology (EP) catheters that can be reprocessed and sold back to EP Labs that buy reprocessed EP devices for half (50%) the price they paid new.

Half of the US Hospital EP labs buy reprocessed catheters and the other 1/2 throw them away.EPupcycle buys used EP catheters from Hospital EP labs that throw them away after surgery and then we sell them to 3rd party reprocessors like J&J and Stryker who then sell them to the 50% of EP labs that buy reprocessed EP catheters.

There is only one competitor in this growing market that has 25% of the 1,600 EP labs. The market needs a competitive alternative, that is why we launched EPupcycle. Our double benefit value proposition (economic & environmental) creates new income streams for hospitals while simultaneously supporting their sustainability goals by reducing their medical waste. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN solution with a triple bottom-line.

EPupcycle currently has 6 Hospital EP labs under contract generating a run rate of $15K/month with a pipeline full of potential new customers. Our value proposition is being eagerly embraced in the healthcare marketplace because of its dual benefit: Economic & Environmental as described above.

This business runs at 50% EBITDA and is growing exponentially.


  • EPupcycle has 6 EP labs under contract generating a $15K/month revenue run rate. We have a pipeline of qualified new business opportunities

    March, 2019