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eTrainetc, LLC

eTrainetc, LLC

eTrainetc, LLC has developed the first SAS model for microsimulation VR-based training that is supported by an easy authoring tool platform.

eTrainetc, LLC has developed the first SAS model for microsimulation VR-based training that is supported by an easy authoring tool platform.


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Elevator Pitch

eTrainetc, LLC has developed the first SAS model for micro simulation-based training that is supported by an authoring tool, data analytics, and AI. Our company can help with this crisis today.

Company Overview

Thank you for taking the time to review eTrainetc, LLC (eTrain). eTrain was founded based on the real facts that all industries have a significant problem with safety, especially healthcare. Our CEO Bill Cornelius lost his daughter to poor communication in care, which has resulted in a passion to address safety head-on. eTrain is a response to help empower all industries to improve a growing loss of lives due to preventable mistakes. Today's growing workforce (millennials) is looking for more visual, short bursts of learning. eTrain has developed a software platform that creates micro simulations in days, not months that are case-based providing "in situation" interactive learning experiences that test knowledge and confidence by decision making and critical thinking virtual reality micro sims. We have developed the platform, implemented it with several clients and now are ready to grow the business in healthcare and other applicable markets through a scalable B2B model. Here are some facts relating to our company's growth opportunities and the unique timing we have relating to current events:


  • Error rates and mistakes keep growing. Over 400,000 per year!
  • Lack of experience in work environments
  • Lack of critical thinking, decision making, and skills
  • High % of employees lack confidence in skills

All Markets:

  • 4.1 million - the number of people who suffer workplace injuries each year in the US
  • 4,500 - the number of people who die from workplace injuries each year
  • $74 billion - the amount paid by employers for workers’ compensation claims

New Workforce

Millennials became the largest generation in the workforce in 2016. Will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. Millennials are a digital generation with the most urbanized of the cohort of young adults ever (>50% live in urban areas). How this group learns is much different than the current training and education infrastructure supports.

Call to Action: Join us in building a scalable model to help improve safety in any market with products that the employees and customers are asking for. We can leverage this model to create meaningful cases that have mistakes, so everyone can learn how to prevent those same mistakes without the costly consequences. With todays recent events, our business model is in perfect position to help today.

Key Customers & Partners

Eastern Virginia Medical School HealthStream, Inc. ZimmerBiomet Spine Nexus Medical

Risks & Disclosures

eTrainetc, LLC is a private Florida based LLC. You are investing in a private company. We are seeking angel/seed investors at this time.

eTrainetc, LLC is currently providing training to healthcare and is seeking capital to increase their offering to help improve safety during this crisis. eTrain believes this platform can be expanded into several other markets as well.

eTrainetc, LLC believes this is the beginning of more web and mobile learning. The companies platform creates micro-simulations that assess decision making and critical thinking while improving know;ledge and confidence.

eTrainetc, LLC will require all investors to review and sign the current operating agreement, qualified investors questionaire and investment summary.


Investor Pitch Deck March 22nd, 2020