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Elite Financial

Elite Financial

Reinventing the way investing is perceived.

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Company Overview


Everything that defines us is targeted towards disrupting the current

status quo. We are the underdog in an industry that highly

underestimates our capabilities, but we are patient. We are fighting an

uphill battle against one of the biggest monetizing sectors in the

world, but we are not scared. Our focus is to obliterate the myth that high yield returns are reserved exclusively for the 1%. We think differently while devoting sweat

and time into our clients, educating them on the possibilities that

high-yield elusive returns are tangible – without having a fat bank

account. We understand a paradigm shift doesn’t happen instantaneously,

but we plan on making our continued efforts forward till the shift


We challenge the status quo by offering free all-in courses teaching

individuals how to start accumulating wealth, building their real

estate portfolio while submerged in a culture of hustle, and

accountability so powerful the success is contagious – including trips,

bonuses and prizes. At Elite Financial, we aren’t just an on other

investing firm, we are reinventing the way investing is perceived.


109% ROI
19 Employees
Cash Flow Positive

Pitch Deck


  • Bootstrapped: Took $10,000.00 to $84,000.00 in just over 5 months. Hired series SEC certified traders. Starting flipping houses

    February, 2016
  • Closed over $1MM in manageable assets. Hired more staff to accommodate the client demand.

    March, 2016
  • Advisors and investors start to approach us on Angel List.

    July, 2016
  • Opening two more domestic offices (SF, NYC) and one int'l in Berlin.

    September, 2016
  • Hired new Trader with 11 years of currency experience and track record avg of 970% return annually.

    October, 2016


Don Baker
Don Baker
Real Estate Investor
"“After working with Andres and the team I was surprised on how streamlined the process was and how EFS treated me like family. Truly felt at home with them, and they actually made the whole experience fun. I was skeptical about their returns at first but they definitely delivered, making me more in 5 months than my old firm did in 8 years. Thank you again, Andres.”"
Alex Ivan
Alex Ivan
Regional Sales Leader | Canada
"“I wanted to make a quick video for Angel and the EFS team to say thank you for all the help so far and walking me through the terms of investments step-by-step while educating me which built confident in my decision. Their traders surprised me with a 57% return on my money in just 4 months, something I thought was only possible with lots of money. Thanks again guys!”"
Mirjana Kaiser
Mirjana Kaiser
Law Student
"“I was referred by my sister [in NYC], and wanted to make this short video for Nate to thank him for the pressure-free environment, it truly made me feel like they just wanted to help. They even referred me to a competitor just in case they weren’t the right fit.”"