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Electric Visionary Aircrafts, Inc. (EVA)

Electric Visionary Aircrafts, Inc. (EVA)

Skip the traffic stress

Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees, FR

aerospace, autonomous systems, taxi transportation, transportation, taxi app, tax, transportation logistics, vtol, electric, electromobility, aircrafts, transportation app

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$10,247,500 of $10,000,000

Electric Visionary Aircrafts, Inc. (EVA) is raising $10,000,000 with a minimum reservation of $2,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • The only Electric Urban VTOL in the world
  • Already 4 pending patents and more to come
  • The Uber of the air backed by ex-Teslas

Elevator Pitch

We have all been stuck in a traffic jam and it happens more and more as cities grow. Our solution is modern, safe and patented: The first Urban Electric aircraft service to skip the traffic stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you unique?

While we have designed our aircraft to help cities tackle traffic jams and pollution, we realized that we were the only one able to offer a compact aircraft with street landing capability. This makes a big difference with our competition which offers more a solution close to what helicopter transportation services do. With one of our founder coming from Tesla we have carefully considered the electric charging infrastructure and will be allow to use current charging electric vehicles infrastructure. Another difference is in our autonomous autoflight capability, we have taken the best technology availabl e(radar 77ghz, Lidar, Cameras coupled with an Nvidia support. We are advised by the best worldwide experts in battery technology and believe that it will make a big difference. Last but not least, we have chosen Toulouse as an assembly line, at the heart of the European Aerospace valley we will have a large aerospace engineering talent available at a 50 percent less cost than in the valley.

Are you an American company?

Yes, we are a C-corp registered in Delaware.

When can we see the X01 fly?

It will take 12 months, we have chosen rapid prototype techniques such as additive manufacturing. To accelerate the learning curve we will work with trusted and experienced suppliers in battery packs, composite structure, engines or certification.

What are your hiring priorities?

We want to focus on what matters first, therefore we will first hire engineers (aerospace, battery, application), then business development and sales (we will talk directly to cities and governments for comprehensive contracts) and finally support function. We will hire 3 engineers for 2 sales and 1 support at the beginning but will have more sales and business development resources as our X01 gets closer to release.

How do you deal with different country regulations?

We have a split per country which indicates if the country is open to full autonomous flight, remote piloting flight or requires a pilot. We will focus on countries with full autonomous or remote piloting first. Countries that require a pilot will be addressed by the X02 aircraft in a second phase. Overall we will be able to cover all countries shortly.

Who is supporting you?

We receive a great support from ex-Teslas around the world going from battery technology to manufacturing and business development. We also have solid support from Japanese companies although we cannot disclose it yet due to NDAs.