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The Worlds First Motorized Fishing Lure

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Company Overview

eMinnow, the worlds first motorized smart lure, that has proven to be devastatingly effective.

3 Motorized styles, Topwater, Lipped and Sinking - Many more styles in development.

AutoStart’s swimming in water, stops when out

Subtle rhythmic sound & vibration when swimming attracts fish to its location

An effective alternative to live bait

Can use in restricted or banned live bait areas

Mimics the movement and variable actions of a live swimming bait fish

Variable swimming action arouses natural hunting instincts of game fish

Ripples & movement from surface swimming has proven to be irresistible & devastatingly effective

Mustad branded treble hooks for performance

Tough and built to last

Short Summary

World's First Motorized Fishing Lure- a revolutionary self-swimming "smart" fishing lure which solves a major need and demand for sport fishing enthusiasts

2000 sold out in first production run with no marketing

Fishing-tackle sales grew by over 16 percent in the past five years

eMinnow is a globally patented product with patents approved and pending

No one else can sell this type of lure

Almost every angler we have shown eMinnow has expressed a desire to own one

Current web sales average 3 lures per person


There are 220 million anglers globally

In North America alone 48.5 Million anglers buy 120 Million Lures per year

Industry valued at $46bn annually

25 Distributors around the world interested in eMinnow

First 2000 units sold out in 2 weeks with no marketing

1000's Pre-orders and repeat orders taken already

Globally Patented Product- leading retailers interested

3 years R&D with 200+ prototypes tested in 8 countries

We are also developing our own App that will:

Customize eMinnow lure attributes like speed, stop, start & pause sequence

Change colors on the LED lateral lines, even alter or enhance the entire color of the lure

Send ‘join me fishing’ invites to your friends or groups with your exact location

Unique data vault to store & display fishing licenses in one handy place

Interactive app will share to social media, networks & friends

Post pictures and comments direct to the eMinnow website streaming post page

Includes SOS function (and location) in case medical, vehicle, police, help is needed

This app will also serve to offer “instant” purchase of eMinnow products


2 Issued Patents
5,000 Users