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Dubuc Motors

Dubuc Motors

Upscale EV manufacturer targeting niche pockets within the automotive industry

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Company Overview

In partnership alliance with Xnergy Financial LLC

With a vision to enable zero emission mobility technology, Dubuc Motors, originally based out of Canada has engineered the world’s first and only all-electric 4 seater sports car, catering to demographics previously under-served within the market.

Dubuc Motors has committed itself to satisfying the needs of the consumer and addressing industry challenges in the sports car space. With its comprehensive technical expertise, Dubuc Motors has developed a high performance electric sports car that provides excellent performance, range, reliability, and safety—all at a competitive price.

We are car aficionados, sport car enthusiasts with a moon shot to build the fastest car on earth. Our mission is: to merge the pinnacle technologies of electrical and mechanical engineering in order to provide an unparalleled driving experience. We are creating an all-wheel-drive, all-electric supercar. But we’re not stopping there – we want to redefine the supercar industry.

Tomahawk Sports Car

A remarkable story of two founders who for over a decade have been perfecting their intense appetite and creativity towards building the ultimate sports car. A supercar that would deliver on performance, convenience and also contribute to a more sustainable environment.

They have been largely self-funded for over a decade before a Regulation A+ offering in 2017, thereby demonstrating their drive and passion towards the mission of the company. They successfully started crowdfunding and are excited to keep growing their grass roots movement through their current Regulation D investment round. Dubuc Motors is now opening the opportunity for a select group of accredited investors who share in their vision to reserve a stake in the company. With the capital raised through this equity crowdfunding campaign, they plan to produce the final Tomahawk production model in 2018. This super car combine’s connectivity with an exhilarating sports car performance and is specifically engineered for daily commutes.

Tomahawk Sports Car

After years of innovative, eco-friendly research and development, they are proud to introduce the all-electric Tomahawk. It’s a luxurious, roomy 4-seater built to be elegant, powerful, intelligent, and most importantly: environmentally friendly. The Tomahawk introductory model, will be the first model of many to be commercialized from a universal chassis, which also allows for the production of other electric vehicles targeting niche markets within the industry.

We are creating a showstopper and we believe the Tomahawk’s wrath will be unleashed with demented acceleration welcoming a roomy interior with ultra-luxurious seating accommodating the big N’ tall with four race bucket seats. Apart from its superior performance, we plan to have the Tomahawk feature a central touch screen console, artistic aesthetics throughout, a carbon-fiber body and chassis, a panoramic view roof and scissor doors to complement its curvaceous body. Integration of smart connectivity, including built-in Wi-Fi and over-the-air updates are planned to allow to maximize thrill with a blend of luxury and functionality.

An exotic sports car is purely about ownership experience and performance. With our planned mind blowing performances, we believe the ingenuity of the Tomahawk's spacious interior cabin will ensure comfort in a state of pure ecstasy!

Tomahawk Sports Car

The concept is to target a niche within the luxury sports car market and steer clear of the big automaker’s reach. Several prototypes were built over the years incorporating newer technologies, perfecting overall engineering and addressing issues ignored by companies in the car manufacturing industry. Throughout the evolution of prototypes, we have executed innovative changes in the Tomahawk chassis, drive, and power train which we believe make the Tomahawk complete and ready for the EV revolution.

With more government initiatives and partnerships to push the envelope towards sustainable mobility solutions, the future for high-performance EVs is expanding faster than ever. Innovating from a clear vision, Dubuc Motors has carved out a niche. With its ambitious vision and ability to change the electric mobility landscape, Dubuc Motors plans to unveil other models which will one day include luxurious flying crafts.

Tomahawk Sports Car

With the capital raised through this accredited investor equity crowdfunding campaign, Dubuc Motors intends to produce the final Tomahawk model in 2018. With your help, we will increase our employee count by employing needed engineers, fabricators and designers. We plan to complete crash tests, safety certifications, and licensing.

We foresee a yearly production of 1500 units, but expect our initial production capacity to be a minimum of one hundred (100) and a maximum of three hundred (300) vehicles in our first year of production. The retail sale price is expected to be $125,000 with a strong focus on primary markets that include the United States, Europe and China.

We’ll be targeting the urban and cosmopolitan coastal city customer seeking a luxurious and exotic vehicle who, based on trends, are typically customers between 25-65 years of age interested in luxury, speed and sustainable energy. Sales will be conducted online via our e-commerce site, supported by a marketing and advertising budget, bloggers and social media to attract customers. Starting a new business at the right time is a crucial key to the success of that venture. Industry experts point to various factors indicating that a business based around the electrification of transport, connectivity and a direct sales model is poised for extensive growth.


As the EV Market continues to expand, we believe there will be several new entries focusing primarily on mass-market, low-cost vehicles that will have to compete with, rather than compliment established entities such as Tesla. The other end of this market spectrum – one of luxury, performance, and beautiful aesthetics – is completely undeserved without the Tomahawk. We believe we are advanced and ahead of potential competitors in this space as we’ve already manufactured and produced our showroom concept vehicles and, as industry veterans, we consider the knowledge required to overcome the barrier to entry is already firmly established.

We think of the Tomahawk as "Tesla's cousin", which we believe will offer comparable performance. While Tesla offers a sedan, an SUV and a compact, we want to complement their product line rather than compete with them.

By 2040, Bloomberg reports the demand for EV’s will exceed 35 million units worldwide and a report by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission demonstrates that currently more than 40% of automotive consumers consider purchasing an electric vehicle. We have intentionally departed from the traditional automotive industry model by both exclusively focusing on electric powertrain technology and owning our vehicle sales. In addition to designing and manufacturing our vehicles, we intend to sell and service them through our own planned sales and service network. This is different from the incumbent automobile companies who typically franchise their sales and service. We believe our approach will enable us to operate more cost effectively, provide a better experience for our customers and incorporate customer feedback more quickly into our product development and manufacturing processes.

As of the end of 2016, there were a record 10.8 million millionaires in the U.S. according to a new study from Spectrem Group’s Market Insights Report 2017. That’s more than ever before, 9.4 million individuals with net worth between $1 million and $5 million, 1.3 million individuals with net worth between $5 million and $25 million and 156,000 households with more than $25 million in net worth, the report says. Asia-Pacific has already the highest number of total millionaires and billionaires, and given it’s fast growth in total wealth (11% versus North America’s 9%), the region is expected to surpass the U.S. and its neighbors by the end of this year for total wealth held by these individuals.

Finally the American Sports Car Reimagined

It's smart, it's connected, it's elegant, it's powerful...and most importantly, it's green.

When you join us on our quest to shake up the sports car industry, you are becoming part of a bigger mission. Here and now is your chance to get in, lead by example and drive change.

We re-invest a portion of investments made into our company to collectively fight deforestation and empower women in third world countries, we aim to plant 1 million trees in the next 5 years giving much needed employment to locals while restoring the planet.


15 Employees
$1,250,000 Sales

Pitch Deck


  • Launched $6M Regulation D - Accredited Investor Round

    May, 2018
  • Recipient of the Deka Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

    May, 2017
  • Launched Reg A+ Crowdfunding, welcomed over 750 new shareholders

    February, 2017
  • XTC Top 25 - The Extreme Tech Challenge is the world’s largest startup competition with Sir Richard Branson as the anchor judge

    November, 2016
  • USA Incorporation date, founders largely self funded this venture since inception. $6M+

    June, 2016
  • Finalist for Best Technological Innovation byThe Quebec Association for Energy Management (AQME)

    April, 2015
  • Unveiled the Tomahawk prototypes alongside government officials

    April, 2015
  • Founders injected $5 million into development and continued R&D

    January, 2014


Peter Relan
Peter Relan
CEO of CrowdStar
"Mike is a missionary entrepreneur, and combined with Mario’s ingenuity, he has the right ingredients to succeed. They have successfully identified an open segment in the electric car market, and have convinced me that their product is differentiated and will have some initial demand. For potential investors the key question is: can their model scale? But that is the point of early stage investment: to make a bet that good founders can crack the problems of getting the model to a point that it can scale."
Julian Guthrie
Julian Guthrie
Journalist & Author, How to Make a Spaceship
"Mike Kakogiannakis is an Entrepreneur with great heart, resilience, and drive. He is going to make his vision of a high-performance eco-friendly electric sports car – The most gorgeous electric car I’ve ever seen – into a commercial success."
Brook Ewert
Brook Ewert
Real Estate Advisor at Blu Realty Vancouver
"A very easy recommendation, Mike has all the necessary hallmark traits of an entrepreneur that succeeds in whatever he does. Work ethic, tenacity, experience, connections, and most importantly unstoppable passion. Excited to see what the next couple years has in store for Dubuc Motors and their team. Expecting nothing but big things."
Kym McNicholas
Kym McNicholas
EMMY award winning anchor, Producer
"The Elon Musk of sports cars, Mike and his team has truly created the sleek, sexy, and powerful machine certain to be the future hot rod collectible."
Faidon Dimitriadis
Faidon Dimitriadis
Automotive Industry Analyst at VisionGain
"Dubuc Motors is a pioneer OEM within the BEV industry. I had a chance to cooperate with Mike. His work, his approach but also his vision proves the tremendous increase and growth that Dubuc Motors will follow. I am waiting to see their success but also the company’s future plans. Keep up your excellent work."
Francesco Miele
Francesco Miele
City Counselor, Montreal
"I’ve had a chance to meet Mike over 20 years ago. I recognize in him the same person, determined and passionate ready to push the limits even further. It is this type of entrepreneur that we need, whose ambition for renewal and excellence is palpable. He knows how to surround himself with great people in order to deliver a quality product, both innovative and good for the environment."
Marie-Anne Paquette
Marie-Anne Paquette
General Manager at Novartis Pharmaceuticals
"Mike and Mario are trailblazers in the world of electric supercars. Mike’s vision combined with Mario’s creativity make for a fierce team. They are two highly motivated individuals driven by an unstoppable passion to create a world class vehicle. Knowing this team’s “drive†it won’t be long before we see the Tomahawk on our roads. THE company to watch for innovation and success!"
Redouane Mekideche
Redouane Mekideche
Deputy Director, Foreign Affairs Canada
"The vehicle is really in a category of its own in terms of style and functionality. Not mentioning the fact that it is 100% electric which makes it really appealing. The owners are really dynamic, a good mix of creativity, ingenuity and strong business acument. I hope to see many Tomahawks on North American roads in a not too distant future."
Jason Rockman
Jason Rockman
Singer of Slaves On Dope, Radio DJ at Virgin
"Great concept, great people and a great company!"
Isabelle Tremblay
Isabelle Tremblay
Nascar Driver, Professional Poker Player
"An Exemplary achievement of two men driven by passion, sexy, unique and even better Electric!!!! It all starts with a dream… my next dream is to drive the Tomahawk around the track."
Les Evans
Les Evans
Global Business Coach and Speaker
"As a global business coach and speaker, I’ve heard a lot of people talk about innovation and creativity. All too often it is just that – talk. When I met Mike I was immediately impressed with his drive and vision, and those are the two words that I do not hand out lightly."
Phil Branch
Phil Branch
Radio DJ at Virgin
"The next big thing! Great vision! Good product!."

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