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San Francisco, California, US

real estate, financial services, equity crowdfunding, tech startup, Internet (Software & Services), fintech, investing, investment management, blockchain technology, bitcoin, enterprise, fintec

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Let’s make crowdfunding history by creating Silicon Valley’s 1st real estate equity crowdfunding platform for everyone. If this vision is something that you believe in, we need your help. Please share this profile with your friends and sign up for a free membership at


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First Approved portal by the SEC and FINRA in the Silicon Valley

September, 2016

161,000+ growing network of investors

November, 2016

DreamFunded founder Manny Fernandez featured as an investor on CNBC’s “Make Me A Millionaire Inventor”

October, 2016

Launched the Mentor Network for startups of high-profile investors, entrepreneurs and mentors

November, 2016

Built an Education Resource Center that the public can use to educate themselves on all aspects of angel investing and crowdfunding.

November, 2015

Launched our New Investor Platform. Our automated platform allows investors to invest, manage their portfolio and learn about investing.

September, 2015

DreamFunded has been mentioned in 2 published books on angel investing.

December, 2015

Manny Fernandez co-founder/ CEO of DreamFunded was a guest on CNBC Squawk Box.

December, 2015


"Manny is a force of nature and is working to bring capital to an underserved market that is the future of our country. I love his energy and vision. Changing the world starts by supporting the entrepreneurs that are leading that change."
Will Bunker Founding partner GrowthX VC fund, co-founder
Will Bunker
I am impressed with the process you (DreamFunded) have made, sounds like you maybe at the forefront of these evolution and emerging opportunities.
Jim Conner Sand Hill Angel Member, Investor and host of
Jim Conner
I believe that the DreamFunded model that you've explained to me a few months back is very interesting for investors.
Bill Payne Founder of 4 Angel Groups and Prominent Angel
Bill Payne
"Manny is a highly skilled business leader who has discovered a huge growth opportunity in under-served entrepreneurs, created a terrific solution in Dreamfunded, and energized an impressive roster of advocates that are helping him realize his vision."
Glen Wakeman Former CEO of GE Capital/Latin America
Glen Wakeman
(DreamFunded CEO, Manny Fernandez) Diligent, open minded, and very quick to respond. A pleasure to work with.
Evan Cheng, Director of Engineering, Facebook DreamFunded member and customer
Evan Cheng, Director of Engineering, Facebook
Manny is truly a visionary in the real estate crowdfunding space. Not only does he know how to promote great ideas and brands via social media, he's also a savvy investor.
Andrew Bartels DreamFunded Investor and Customer
Andrew Bartels
It's led by a great team and targeting a huge market!
Praveen Mothkuri DreamFunded customer
Praveen Mothkuri
New entrant (DreamFunded) in a great space with growth potential and early traction on both the transaction side and connections with exit introductions. I am a big fan of Manny and the team's strategic focus for both start-ups and access to subsequent funding / exit paths.
Walt Duflock DreamFunded Customer
Walt Duflock
I’ve heard Manny speak at numerous events and panels—he’s the real deal. I always learn something new and actionable. Generous with knowledge and advice, he’s also eminently quotable. My favorite is from a Q&A last year where an entrepreneur asked, “Is there a fund raising season?” Manny responded, “EVERY day is fund raising season.”
Rhonda Shrader Director at Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship
Rhonda Shrader
I have worked with Manny on various capacities--at Manos Angel Bootcamp, SV Links Investor Seminar and Crowdfunding. Manny is an expert in angel investing, equity crowdfunding, and he has played a significant role in helping me execute programs around these areas. Manny has deep and meaningful insights into the startup early stage funding industry, is always willing to support the ecosystem.
Hana Yang Partner Manos Accelerator
Hana Yang
As an adjunct faculty member, I had the pleasure of being one of the participants in the University of San Francisco School of Management's faculty demonstration lecture series. Manny's "Raising Money with Crowdfunding" presentation was crisp, to the point, and very devoid of "death by PowerPoint." What few slides he used supported his elegant and interesting storytelling. His session was very informative and entertaining. I highly recommend Manny for his knowledge of crowdfunding, and his ability to clear.
Mark Cavender Adjunct faculty, University of San Francisco
Mark Cavender
Manny is one of the most brilliant minds I've seen around me. He has a great leadership that brings the team together for DreamFunded, and his skills are unchallenged by anyone. It is a pleasure to be working with him.
Simon Kim Team at DreamFunded
Simon Kim
"Manny is very passionate and brings a high level of energy to helping entrepreneurs and everyday investors grow together in the new world of equity crowdfunding. Much like the internet transformed our daily lives in the 1990’s, equity crowdfunding is changing the landscape of investing. Startup investing will never be the same again. Manny and DreamFunded will be leading the way in this new frontier."
David Presson Director of Investments for First Bank
David Presson
"DreamFunded has the potential to fill not only a large addressable market, but also take advantage of several trends in real estate and the retail investor space."
Raj Patel Technology Investor
Raj Patel
"With the immense level of untapped demand and potential for growth in real estate crowdfunding, DreamFunded Real Estate is positioned to capture the opportunity and establish leadership in the space. Manny Fernandez has the vision, strategy, and execution plan to make DreamFunded Real Estate the gold standard in crowdfunding."
Taylor Grant Angel Investor
Taylor Grant


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Jacob White

Legal Counsel - Harvard Law

Jacob White is a recent Harvard Law school graduate, who is passionate about democratizing capital markets. Read More Unverified
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Youdong Zhang

Software Engineer Intern

Youdong Zhang is an incoming software engineering intern at Facebook, with expertise in elastic search, web development, and data analysis. Previously, Youdong Read More Unverified