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Los Angeles, California, US

fashion & apparel, tech startup

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Our launchpage, showcased our web-development skills as well as outlining our business model and services.

July, 2013

Includes everything from full formation services and filing fees, employment documents, consulting, non-disclosure agreements, etc.

July, 2013

Aide in the development of business model, financial projections, and investor's deck. They will also train founders to pitch to investors.

August, 2013

Leading start-up law firm: shared office space, free legal advice, workshops & seminars, introductions to investors & service providers.

January, 2014

open to inner-circle of fashion entrepreneurs and garment industry professionals in order to test the platform, and collect feedback.

December, 2013

Partnering with the City of LA, Silicon Valley Bank & The Positive Results Co to train inner city, high risk youth in digital marketing, smm

June, 2014

Local los angeles small businesses competed for the opportunity to receive a $5k 0% interest loan.

June, 2014

Competed against 14 tech startups in a competition judged by our peers of local entrepreneurs.

May, 2014

Pitching at Silicon Beach Festival in front of silicon beach VC's and Angels.

July, 2014

Becoming an official mentee of Yang Ventures

July, 2014