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Digital ReLab

Digital ReLab

Infinitely Agile Workflow for Modern Multimedia

Company Overview

In a world where news is also a podcast, where a song is also a video, where your email is also a slideshow: we need an entirely new way of thinking about managing our digital assets. Welcome to a whole new digital mind – Starchive.

Thousands of companies (in dozens of verticals) are living in multimedia chaos for many of the following reasons:

  • They are using antiquated software that only handles some, but not all, media types
  • They have modern work flow issues
  • They are trying to distribute content via local severs instead of the cloud
  • They are constantly changing and trying to keep up with market expectations

These companies need an infinitely flexible way of thinking about multimedia management where the architecture is built to be customized and a team with the expertise and capability to

  • Understand the business demands
  • Configure the software to meet the need
  • Advise on how to optimize media management and workflow
  • Provide extraordinary support and service

Digital Relab is the right team:

  • The right expertise
  • The right culture
  • The right sales network
  • The right (highly flexible) software

Software we named: Starchive

Pitch Deck


  • Contract signed with one of the top symphony orchestras in the world.

    September, 2015
  • Patentable technology in multi-billion dollar market

    April, 2015
  • Existing Clients: Bob Dylan, Yogaville, Urs Fischer (leading modern artist), Universal Media Inc.

    April, 2015
  • $100K in revenue collected in stealth development stage (2 clients)

    April, 2015
  • Sales Pipeline: Keith Richard, Wynton Marsalis, Leo Burnett Agency, The Miller Center for Presidential Archives, NY Philharmonic and more

    April, 2015
  • This week we moved into contract phase with a powerful Record Label, a world renown Singer and Actress, and a major Market Research firm.

    May, 2015


Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis
Archivist at the Bob Dylan Music Company
"We’ve been searching for the right tool to organize the enormous amount of material generated by Bob Dylan over his career. Digital Relab has transformed our creative and business opportunities and made collaboration simpler."
Abby Haywood
Abby Haywood
Urs Fisher - Archivist
"We didn’t think it was possible to do what Digital Relab has done for us with Starchive."
Bob Moje
Bob Moje
Principal - VMDO Architecture
"Starchive is the most exciting technology I have seen in this space. With exponential growth in data, we need this brain-like technology to organize and make sense of it all."
Richard Averitt
Richard Averitt
Possibilian & CEO at Digital ReLab
"Millions of dollars are wasted every day looking for files that are stuck in folders no one can find. Starchive is the one solution you can use that will track all your content so you can always find it with ease without you having to change how you work and live. Once you have all your assets at your fingertips - all sorts of new things are possible."