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Priceline for Movie Tickets.

Los Angeles, California, US

mobile, consumer internet, tech startup, film & television

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Company Overview

Dealflicks is Priceline for movie tickets. $40 billion dollars are spent every year on movie tickets, popcorn, and soda, but 88% of movie theater seats are empty. Dealflicks partners with theaters to fill these empty seats by selling movie tickets and concessions for up to 60% off.

Since launching in July 2012, Dealflicks has been featured in CNBC, The Los Angeles Times, Forbes, The New York Times, TechCrunch, NBC, CBS, PandoDaily, Film Journal, and more. Our iPhone app has been featured 5x by Apple, and our Android app at Google I/O 2013.

We're currently partnered with 500+ US theater locations including 13 of the top 50 US theater chains. Our annual revenue run rate has now surpassed $2M on 950%+ YoY growth.

Dealflicks previously raised $1.7M+ in seed financing from prominent investors including 500 Startups, Siemer Ventures, XG Ventures, Warner Brothers' Media Camp, and more. Dealflicks' offices are located in Los Angeles and San Francisco.


9 Employees
177537 Users
$2,044,860 Sales


Projected cash-flow positive by Spring, 2015

April, 2015

iPhone app featured 9 times by Apple

January, 2015

Over 520 theater locations around the country, growing 10% Month-over-Month

January, 2015

180,000 users, growing 45% Month-over-Month

November, 2014

510,000 movie tickets and concessions sold to date, selling 50,000 per month

November, 2014

$2,000,000+ Annual Revenue Run Rate, growing 950% Year-over-Year

July, 2014


The Dealflicks team has some of the most hardcore hustlers that I know. I mean these guys actually drove around the country and lived in the back of a minivan to get the job done for over a year. Invest in them.
Dave McClure Founder at 500 Startups
Dave McClure
What really caught our eye was Dealflicks’ capability to think outside the box. We’ve been working with Dealflicks to create what we call a win-win-win model, which is a win for the studios, a win for the theatrical owners, as well as a win for the customers.
Anuraj Goonetilleke VP Business Strategy, Warner Brothers Digital
Anuraj Goonetilleke
Dealflicks is going to disrupt the way we shop for our movie tickets online. Moreover, with the passionate founders, great PR and being a hit at SXSW this year they are set up for a huge year of success.
Amish Shah Managing Director at Sierra Maya Ventures
Amish Shah
Smart team and disruptive product - go see more movies!
Andrea Zurek Founding Partner, XG Ventures
Andrea Zurek
Dealflicks is awesome. An innovative, highly disruptive play the Movie theater ticketing marketplace. Traction to date has been substantial, and momentum is growing. Team is smart, capable and get-it-done scrappy.
Thomas Wisniewski Co-manager of RosePaul Investments
Thomas Wisniewski
Since launching, we've seen a steady flow of new customers coming to our theater. Dealflicks has helped us reach a totally new demographic.
Judy Kim Owner, Gardena Cinema
Judy Kim
The concept is simple. The idea is to bring people into our theater that don't go to the movies and have them try it out. We're hoping to sell seats that normally would not get sold, and it's working.
George Gohl General Manager, Greenfield Garden Cinemas
George Gohl
Dealflicks has been great to work with since day one. Everything is extremely theater-friendly and customizable. Logistics are so easy, even with our cash only theater.
Jenny Song General Manager, Venture Cinemas
Jenny Song
Since Dealflicks covers 100% of the marketing costs, and since there's no signup fee, monthly fees, cancelation fees whatsoever, there was no risk to sign up.
Audrey Marr General Manager, Grand Lake Theater
Audrey Marr
Dealfilcks is a real pleasure to do business with, they get personal, and adapt to your needs. And...there's no cost or risk! I highly recommend Dealflicks.
Shaffie-Al Balgobin General Manager, Jackson Heights Cinema
Shaffie-Al Balgobin
75% of our new customers are because of Dealflicks!
Patrick McVay General Manager, Shady Brook Cinemas
Patrick McVay
There’s been an increase in both ticket sales and profits because of Dealflicks.
Bret Berg Director of Programming, Cinefamily
Bret Berg
It’s definitely 50 people who would not have shown up.
Kenn Lowy Owner, Brooklyn Heights Cinema
Kenn Lowy
[Joe] credits Dealflicks for helping boost attendance at some theaters by as much as 20%.
Joe Masher Chief Operating Officer, Bow Tie Cinemas
Joe Masher
Dealflicks boosted new customers by 90%!
Dan Collings GM, University Mall Theatres
Dan Collings
Families that used to come to the theater once a month, come to the theater twice a month now.
Lee Sparks Owner, Florida Twin
Lee Sparks
My family of four saved over $50 on a trip to the movies.
Cora Thompson Dealflicks Customer, Hartford CT
Cora Thompson
It's so convenient to buy from my phone with just a few clicks.
Christina Sloan Dealflicks Customer, Boca Raton FL
Christina Sloan
Now I can afford to go to the movies with my girlfriend again.
Daniel Perez Dealflicks Customer, Oakland CA
Daniel Perez


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Steven Nguyen

Software Engineer

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Matthew Edwards

Software Engineer

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Ryan Fitzgerald

Business Development Manager

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Talya Ercag

Operations Director

I was born in Turkey, and moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2006 where I finished high school. I have a dual citizenship of both Canada and Turkey. I recently gr... Read More Unverified
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Daniela Pimentel

Community Manager