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Dash is a connected car platform that uses technology to make the roads smarter, safer, cleaner and more affordable.

New York, New York, US

tech startup

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Built iOS & Android App in closed Beta.

November, 2012

Winner of the Apps for Vehicles challenge from the White House & the Department of Energy.

March, 2013

Accepted into Techstars (New York 2013) program. 11 companies selected out of 1,700 applicants.

April, 2013

Sponsored by BMW iVentures. Picked by investor panel from Lerer Ventures, FirstMark Capital and the BMW investment team.

May, 2013

iOS beta extended to over 250 drivers, great metrics; 2 x daily sessions and 30 min lengths in transit.

June, 2013

Finalist, Castrol InnoVentures Competition

June, 2013


Team Member Name

Katrin Warren

Business Development

Katrin Warren is a passionate brand strategist with over 10 years of proven expertise in multi-media marketing, sales, and partnership marketing. She has ex... Read More