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Dash is a connected car platform that uses technology to make the roads smarter, safer, cleaner and more affordable.

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  • Built iOS & Android App in closed Beta.

    November, 2012
  • Winner of the Apps for Vehicles challenge from the White House & the Department of Energy.

    March, 2013
  • Accepted into Techstars (New York 2013) program. 11 companies selected out of 1,700 applicants.

    April, 2013
  • Sponsored by BMW iVentures. Picked by investor panel from Lerer Ventures, FirstMark Capital and the BMW investment team.

    May, 2013
  • iOS beta extended to over 250 drivers, great metrics; 2 x daily sessions and 30 min lengths in transit.

    June, 2013
  • Finalist, Castrol InnoVentures Competition

    June, 2013