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Dash is a connected car platform that uses technology to make the roads smarter, safer, cleaner and more affordable.

Why We Started This Company

As a kid, my favorite movie was Knight Rider and I desperately wanted the actual Kitt car when I grew up. After 30 years all the computing power & software that we expected would be in dashboards never actually materialized in our cars. Instead, all that innovation has gone into mobile computing & into the phones. At Dash, we're excited about connecting smart phones to your car & therefore connect your car to the cloud.

What Sets Us Apart

Our technology works on any car on the road since 1996. We use the OBD II port, but are hardware agnostic, in terms of device manufacturer (i.e. we do not have a proprietary hardware, which means users can get it as low as $10). We are multiplatform web/iOS/Android. Our software is free. We are a consumer product, but have enterprise solutions and an API for third party developers. We are integrated with OEM platforms, like Ford's Open XC & GM’s OnStar API.

Our Keys To Success

The proprietary Dash algorithm monitors the safety & efficiency of your driving to cut emissions, as well as reduce costs for gas, repairs & insurance. The ultimate vision is to create an “automotive graph” or data platform. We’re building a solution & a service for the enterprise: insurance companies, dealerships, mechanics, as well as building a platform for developers to build on top of our API.

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