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This company and others may be fundraising.

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Company Overview was created to help anyone fundraise and collect donations for any project, charity, cause or individual needs. Our community is filled with people that have great ideas. Making those ideas a reality is not always easy. The main reasons why ideas never come to fruition is a lack of funding and exposure. helps you create a fundraising campaign for your idea or project fast and helps you getting the word out to the community what you are working to accomplish.

Our platform is unique for contributors. Meanwhile, only here you can win a Weekly Reward, if the most number of users visit our web-site following your personal link.


It is a free to start a fundraising campaign on We do however charge a small fee on every donation that is made. The fee is between 3% and 5% and is dependent on the sort of campaign you decide to run.

You can buy placement of your open company in the open section Featured Projects for $ 5 per week or $ 10 per month. Also you can place a promotional video of your company on the homepage for $ 10 for 10 days.

What is is a collaborative way to find funding. This is a simple

fundraising website that helps connect people who care to those in need.

We allow you to share your project with friends, family, or the world

to help raise money for someone or something when it’s needed the most.

Be it an event, new technology, having a dream honeymoon, ... the

possibilities are endless.

How does differs from other platforms?

It is very important! provides an original system for

funding. All campaigns except those that have bought the option

"Featured Project" remain closed. We believe that mercy and charity

should not be guided by logic. They have to go from the heart. Therefore

a sponsor can see you campaign opened only after make a contribution.

This is like game. When you make a payment, you do not know either you

help an African child or you support the development of an innovative

technical project.

Is it true that you can be rewarded for your charity on this site?

Yes, it is. This is a unique option. 5% of each contribution goes to the

weekly prize fund. Every Sunday the entire amount of the funds will be

shared between 5 contributors. These people will be selected among the

contributors who comply with the following requirements

1) A contributor has made donations during the week;

2) The most number of users visited our platform for a week under the

unique link obtained by the contributors during his/ her donation.

How does work?

Anyone can create and easy fundraising a page, where you tell your

story, set a funding goal, and offer rewards to contributors. Rewards

are typically items produced by the project itself — a copy of the CD, a

print from the show, a limited edition of the comic. Most projects also

offer creative experiences: a visit to the set, naming a character

after a backer, a personal phone call. Anything that brings backers into

the creative process is a great approach. Value of Rewards offered on

the site should not exceed $50.

You can use to create your campaign, share it with your

network, engage fans, track information about contributors, and collect

money. provides excellent customer services for creating

your campaigns and collecting money. We also promote campaigns through

social media and press outreach, as well as on our homepage, in our

newsletters, and on our blog.

Why does exist?

We started to propel crowdfunding and fundraising pages

forward. We know there are a lot of people with great ideas, worthy

causes and individual needs. Now anyone with a great idea has the

opportunity to share his or her campaign and raise money to turn those

ideas into reality.

Who can use is open for anyone to use, with any type of help in

projects funding, causes, and individual needs. Nevertheless, the

projects that have purpose of funding the actions or activities

prohibited by international law, the law of the country of residence of

the project author, the Polish law and the rules of payment systems

cannot be placed on the platform.

Can campaigns use for equity investments?

No. All campaigns on are contribution based.

Does it cost anything to create a campaign?

It doesn't cost anything to create a campaign. We use a fee-based system

based on the type of campaign you are running. Standard campaigns have

an 5% fee, but you receive your donations right away. All-or-nothing

campaigns have a 3% fee and you receive your donations once you reach

your goal.

You have to remember that 5% of each donation goes to a weekly prize pool.

What is the difference between two types of campaigns?

Depending on your idea it might be important to make sure that you reach

your goal or your idea is not feasible. In that case you might want to

start an all-or-nothing campaign. If you do not reach your goal you will

not receive the donated funds. They will all be refunded to the funders

and will not charge a fee. Only if you have reached your

goal or more and the campaign has ended you will receive the donated

funds. All-or-nothing campaigns cannot run for longer than 85 days. In

other cases you know you will make your idea happen no matter what and

you are just looking for help from others. In that case you can run a

standard campaign. Any donations will be sent to you right away, minus

10% (5% of fee and 5 % of contributions in a Weekly Prize Fund).

Standard campaigns can not run longer than 180 days.

Where is located? is based in the Republic of Poland, but

we aim at members all over the world. You can post and fund a campaign

from any country (except for countries where crowdfunding is prohibited)

as long as you have a valid bank account and are signed up with PayPal.

Crowdfunding is prohibited in Malaysia, India, Singapore and Taiwan