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Da Schreds, LLC

Da Schreds, LLC

"The Tasty Way To Go Smokeless™." Flavored, Shredded Coconut Chew. Natural metabolism boost. "Schred Da Stoke!™"

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The Tasty Way To Go Smokeless - Schred Da Dip!

Company Overview

Da Schreds Coconut Chew™ was developed specifically to provide the same sensation as dipping smokeless tobacco, including the packaging. Flaked coconut provides the same texture, tactile experience, packing ability, and mouth feel as a pinch of rough-cut smokeless tobacco.

Our Denver Mintergreen™ flavor (peppermint-wintergreen) provides the same mouth “bite” or sting sensation that dippers expect from wintergreen smokeless tobacco. Our product is packaged in the same size and shape of container that is familiar to smokeless tobacco users. Our product does not contain nicotine; however, it could easily be added to the recipe.

A unique benefit of Da Schreds Coconut Chew™ is that the MCT’s (medium-chain triglycerides) in coconut get sent directly to your liver, where they are metabolized for energy, as opposed to fat storage. Coconut also has a thermogenic (or calorie-burning) effect. Studies have shown that after eating a meal containing MCTs from coconut, your metabolism stays elevated for at least 24 hours.

Another unique benefit of Da Schreds Coconut Chew™ is that it is completely edible and delicious. Other smokeless tobacco substitutes, which are typically herbal based, have an unfamiliar, unpleasant taste and are certainly not digestible. All smokeless tobacco and most substitutes require the user to spit out the juices. Our product does not require the user to spit. Coconut Chew can be enjoyed and consumed by the entire family and should be placed in the “snacks” retail category on store shelves and displays.

Da Schreds Coconut Chew™ is currently a development stage company in pre-production. We have secured Trademark approval for Banzai Pipe-Lime® and others are pending. We offer 12 proprietary flavor names and slogans.

Due to great interest on Facebook, we performed a product trial in March, 2018 and issued samples by request.

Here are some of the responses we received via Facebook Messenger:

“Caleb really likes them and threw away his Grizzly, which makes this Mama very happy!”

“We received the samples! Thank you for your generosity! We already have several friends interested!!!!”

“I have a ton of friends interested in this!” “I just got home today to find is awesome!! Can’t wait until it’s available for sale!”

“Push on...there is a HUGE market for this!! I have tried everything out there, and nothing comes close in my opinion!!”

Da Schreds Coconut Chew™ - "The Tasty Way To Go Smokeless!"™


  • Creation of concept and brand, artwork, flavor names, slogans, and social media pages for Da Schreds™ Coconut Chew

    July, 2015
  • USPTO granted trademark for Banzai Pipe-Lime® name and logo

    August, 2016
  • LLC Certificate of Formation for Da Schreds, LLC, filed with State of Delaware

    August, 2018
  • Da Schreds, LLC, approved for listing on RangeMe, the official portal of 7-11, Walmart, Spartan Nash, and other large vendors

    August, 2019
  • Da Schreds, LLC, submitted company and products to Yet2 for possible licensing by Fortune 500 company(ies)

    September, 2019
  • Second trademark application submitted to US Patent and Trademark Office for Denver Mintergreen™; application is pending

    September, 2019
  • Michigan State University Product Center completed positive test results for Da Schreds™ showing shelf stability for company products

    October, 2019
  • MDARD Application filed for Food License; production of products will begin early December

    November, 2019
  • account created and Dun & Bradstreet number obtained for submission of products to military for contract

    November, 2019
  • State of Michigan Food Production License issued

    December, 2019
  • GSI UPC Bar Codes obtained for retail sales (10)

    December, 2019

Risks & Disclosures

Investment involves risk.

As a general rule, you should only investment in business(es) that you are familiar with and understand the risk associated with them. The risk warning described in each investment is not exhaustive; you should carefully consider your investment experience, financial situation, investment objective, risk tolerance level and consult your independent financial adviser as to the suitability of your situation prior making any investment.

1. The Company relies on third-party technology vendors. Any interruption in the availability of these services such as these could have a material negative impact on our ability to deliver service to users, as well as the profitability of these operations. Interruptions could occur due to both Internet outages as well as policy changes or terms violations according to these third parties. If any of these service providers should fail or change their offerings significantly, that would adversely affect our business.

2. We may be subject to future governmental regulations. Aspects of our business may be regulated at the local, state, and federal levels. The nature and scope of future legislation, regulations and programs cannot be predicted. While we anticipate that we and our products will be in compliance with all applicable governmental regulations, there still may be risks that such laws and regulations may change with respect to present or future operations. Such additional costs would increase the cost of investments and operations and decrease the demand for products and services. We will be ultimately responsible for compliance with such regulations and for obtaining and maintaining all required permits and licenses. Such compliance may be time-consuming and costly, and such expenses may materially affect our future ability to break even or generate profits. If our products become subject to new government regulation, our ability to profitably develop and market them may be impaired.

3. There can be no assurance that we will be successful in attracting and retaining other personnel we require to successfully grow our business. Our future success depends on the efforts of a small management team. The loss of services of the members of the management team may have an adverse effect on the company.

4. The statements presented in this Regulation Crowd Funding Offering may contain forward-looking statements. These statements may relate to future events, future partnerships, the future financial performance of the Company. However, any statements that are not statements of historical fact - including without limitation statements to the effect that the Company or its management "believes", "expects", "anticipates", "plans" (and similar expressions) - should be considered forward-looking statements. In the name of full transparency, there are a number of factors that could cause the Company’s actual results to differ materially from those indicated by the forward-looking statements.

5. Startups often depend on raising several rounds of additional capital until they’re profitable. There can be no assurance that we will be able to successfully raise operating capital. The Company may not be profitable for many years as most of its revenue and investment capital will be dedicated to growth. The failure to successfully raise operating capital could result in our bankruptcy or other event which would have a material adverse effect on us and our stockholders. We have no significant assets or financial resources, so the failure to raise sufficient operating capital could put your investment dollars at significant risk.

6. Security breaches and other disruptions could compromise our information and expose us to liability, which would cause our business and reputation to suffer. 100% security cannot be guaranteed even after taking every security precaution possible. Cyber-crimes are becoming increasingly common and aggressive which brings a parallel increase in risk.

7.Our future success depends on the efforts of a small management team. The loss of services of the members of the management team may have an adverse effect on the company. There can be no assurance that we will be successful in attracting and retaining other personnel we require to successfully grow our business.