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Live Pitch icon Live Pitch: May 22nd, 2014 @ 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Location icon Chapman University - 1 University Dr., Orange, California, US 92866


Prize $30,000 Investment Capital

Contest Ended May 22nd, 2014

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Event Details:

May 22nd, 2014
5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Chapman University
1 University Dr., Orange, California, US 92866

Connecting entrepreneurs with investors around the world to help fund their business and fuel economic growth.

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    visible to our community
  • Live Pitch Pitch The crowd identifies top
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Contest Overview

The Details

Impact Cash Prizes:

1st: $20,000
2nd: $10,000

Eligibility Criteria (all apply):

  1. Your company must be a for-profit Social Enterprise business. Non-profits are not eligible for CROWDIMPACT. See the definition of Social Enterprise.
  2. You must be able to showcase a product or service.
  3. Your Personal and Company Profiles must be complete (video is optional, but highly recommended).

Finalist Selection Criteria

  1. Your Crowdfunder presence: Your Personal and Company Profile quality, the size of your Follower and Connection base, and engagement with these supporters through Company Updates will all be key factors in the selection process.
  2. The strength of your team: People are key. Add all your Team Members, your existing Advisors and Investors (if any) to your Company Profile. Make sure everyone has a complete Personal Profile that shows their experience & track record.
  3. Clear value proposition: On your Company Profile show that you understand your target market by clearly stating how you are servicing their needs, and helping solve real problems while demonstrating a path to profitability.
  4. Clear positive social impact: On your Company Profile, share the metrics you are tracking that demonstrate the impact your company is making, e.g. jobs created, lives saved, carbon emissions reduced, etc.
  5. Social Enterprise Statement: On your Company Profile, share what makes you a social enterprise in your mission statement. See the definition of Social Enterprise.

Important dates (subject to change):

February 20th: CROWDIMPACT official launch
February 20th to April 2nd: Online registration. Companies attract support and Followers from the crowd
April 2nd: Online registration closes at 11:59 pm GMT
April 8th: Live Presenters are announced on Crowdfunder
April 23rd: CROWDIMPACT Live Presentation Forum

Should a Live Presenter not be able to participate in the live event, it will forfeit its position and associated prizes to the next runner up. Please see rules for more information.

CROWDIMPACT Live Presentation Forum

The Live Presenters will be comprised of the companies selected by our judges and Social Enterprise Partners. These companies will be invited to present in front of over $100 Million in social impact resources and for a chance at winning Impact Cash Prizes (1st place: $20K, 2nd place: $10K) and other in kind prizes.

All Live Presenters must be able to appear in person for the live event. If a company selected is not able to appear in person, then that company will forfeit its spot in the live event and any associated prizes, and an alternative company will be invited.

Additional Rules: Please review the CROWDIMPACT Rules. Also, by joining CROWDIMPACT you agree to Crowdfunder's Terms of Use.

Contest Rules



CROWDIMPACT is the world's largest Social Enterprise Business Presentation Forum. CROWDIMPACT combines an online challenge with educational webinars and culminates with an offline live presentation event. This online + offline event aims to grow and engage the impact community by connecting quality Social Enterprises with active supporters. The Live Presenters of CROWDIMPACT get to present in front of an audience of supporters, entrepreneurs, and impact aligned individuals and institutions for a chance at a cash prize and exposure to Live Presenters.

What is a Social Enterprise business?

A Social Enterprise business has:

  1. Internal Impact in the way they treat employees, engage in production, select materials, and other factors.
  2. External Impact in what they contribute to the environment, their community, and/or humanity.
  3. Legal Accountability in their incorporation documents, mission statements or stated values.

Other things that help you define if your company is a for-profit social enterprise:

  • It generates revenue through the sale of products and/or services
  • It applies entrepreneurial approaches to addressing social, environmental and human justice issues
  • Its purpose is beyond making money. It incorporates higher goals for the improvement of the environment, humanity and/or community.

What's the selection criteria?

Please see the Selection Criteria.

Is my company eligible?/p>

Please see the Eligibility Criteria.

Is there a registration fee?

There is no fee for creating a company profile, building a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfunder, or entering CROWDIMPACT.

Who are the judges?

See the list of judges.

What if I am missing some of the assets for my company profile?

Keep in mind that your Company Profile will be reviewed by our jury of experts and hundreds of individuals alike. It is your opportunity to show the world what you are made of. A full Profile sends the right signal and will increase your chance to be among the top live presenters.

Can I stop and resume my company profile creation process later?

Yes, you can pause and resume the creation of your Profile at your convenience by clicking on the "Save" button located at the bottom of every page in the company creation process.

Where do I direct my questions if I encounter a problem?

Please direct all questions to

How can I invite my network to follow my company?

You have access to a full set of messaging/social marketing tools on Crowdfunder. You can either:

  • Tweet, Email, Share on Facebook & LinkedIn a customized link to your company profile
  • Share your Company Profile through the "Share Company" button on Crowdfunder

Can non-US based companies enter CROWDIMPACT?

Yes, non-US based companies are permitted to enter CROWDIMPACT.

Can non-profits enter CROWDIMPACT?

No. Alongside Crowdfunder's focus on social enterprises and impact contribution is our strong belief in helping companies reach self-sustainable growth. We are a platform for for-profit companies.

Please see our Eligibility Criteria.

DISCLAIMER: All Crowdfunder and CROWDIMPACT details and Rules are subject to change. Changes will posted to this challenge page, Rules or Terms of Use.

Rules and Information

Please check back for more details on CROWDIMPACT.

CROWDIMPACT is a presentation event for for-profit social enterprises only. All company submissions will undergo an eligibility review by our team. Whether a company qualifies as a social enterprise is at the sole discretion of Crowdfunder.

The social enterprises that present at the live event ("Live Presenters") will be comprised of the companies selected by our judges, individuals, institutions, Social Enterprise Partners, or other qualified individuals ("Judges"). These companies will be invited to present their transformative ideas to impact aligned individuals and institutions ("Capital Partners"), over $100 Million and for a chance at winning impact concept cash prizes. To be clear, the Capital Partners participating have collectively represented that it or its members represent at least $100M in support for social impact.

All Live Presenters must be able to appear in person for the live event. If a company selected is not able to appear in person, then that company will forfeit its spot in the live event and any associated prizes, and an alternative company will be invited.

OPEN ONLY TO USERS WHO ARE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD AS OF THE DATE OF ENTRY . By entering INTO CROWDIMPACT, forum participants accept and agree to be bound by these Official Rules. TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR CROWDIMPACT, YOU MUST BE A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE COMPANY. A social enterprise is a company that embodies 1) internal impact in the way they treat employees, engage in production, select materials, and other factors; 2) external impact in what they contribute to the environment, their community, and/or humanity; and 3) legal accountability in their incorporation documents, mission statements or stated values.

The rules, terms and conditions stated herein (collectively, the "Agreement" or "Rules") constitute a legal agreement between you ("You") and Crowdfunder, Inc ("" or "Crowdfunder" or "we"). We reserve the right to change the terms of these Rules at any time for any reason.

Prizes, Eligibility, Participation and Entry

Final Prize. The winner of the CROWDIMPACT will win a cash prize of at least twenty thousand ($20,000) dollars ("Final Prize"). The winning company is responsible for any and all taxes associated with the Final Prize.

Other Prizes. The Live Presenters may, at the sole discretion of Crowdfunder, receive other non-cash prizes or opportunities. Should other non-cash prizes be available, Crowdfunder makes no representation or warranties surrounding the prizes.

CROWDIMPACT is not an event for soliciting investment, and Crowdfunder is not a registered broker-dealer. Crowdfunder does not offer investment advice, advise on the raising of capital through securities offerings, receive compensation in connection with the purchase or sale of securities, or recommend or otherwise suggest that any investor make an investment in a particular company, or that any company offer securities to a particular investor. Crowdfunder takes no part in the negotiation or execution of transactions for the purchase or sale of securities. Crowdfunder does not control or endorse messages or investors and disclaims any responsibility with regard thereto. Crowdfunder has no obligation to review, monitor, or maintain any materials or messaging on its platform or related to CROWDIMPACT. Crowdfunder makes no representations surround the definition of a social enterprise. CROWDIMPACT is not intended to be a forum for the offering or sale of securities.

Eligibility: Eligibility to participate in CROWDIMPACT is limited to companies that have received less than $1,500,000 in outside equity investment as of the date a company submits its profile to for approval. CROWDIMPACT eligibility, eligibility to become a live presenter, and eligibility to be a winner is contingent your (i) being considered a for-profit social enterprise as defined by Crowdfunder and at the sole discretion of Crowdfunder, (ii) your abilty to attend the business presentation forum in person, (iii) your willingness to have a background check performed on you and your co-founders, (iv) your willingness to supply and/or Capital Partners with such other information as they may reasonably request, (v) your business may not be one that falls into an industry that is not supported by Crowdfunder as Crowdfunder may determine in its sole discretion, and (vi) your filling out a robust Company, team, and user profile on and entering CROWDIMPACT.

Participation: Once you have created a full company profile on, submitted the profile for approval and have been approved, then you may opt in to join CROWDIMPACT. If you join CROWDIMPACT then all companies and campaigns associated with your user profile shall automatically become part of the community.

Crowdsourced Support: Our users will be able to review your Profile and follow or support companies. Supporters will be displayed on your Profile page. Judges may factor in a company's support when selecting the Live Presenters. Please note that gaining the most support will not automatically earn a company a spot in the finals, nor will the existence or nonexistence of support necessarily impact the challenge results in any way.

Presentation at Live Event: The Live Presenters will be comprised of companies selected by some or all of the Judges. These companies will be invited to present during our live event in Los Angeles. All Live Presenters must be able to appear in person in Los Angeles, at their own expense, for the live event. If a company selected is not able to appear in person, then that company will forfeit its spot in the live event and any associated prizes, and an alternative company will be invited. CROWDIMPACT is not intended to be a forum for the offering or sale of securities. Any Live Presenter that attempts to engage in any type of solicitation will be immediately disqualified and solely responsible for any state or federal action that results from such action.

Registration to CROWDIMPACT: You must also be able to showcase a product or service. Presentations that are still at the "concept" or "idea" stage will not be considered. Registration for the Beta and CROWDIMPACT is free.

Travel: Travel arrangements and accommodations will not be provided by

Important dates

  • February 20th: CROWDIMPACT official launch
  • February 20th to April 2nd: Beginning of CROWDIMPACT. Online registration. Companies attract support and Followers from the crowd. Create and submit your company to and join CROWDIMPACT. Use our messaging and social marketing tools to gain support for your company. The Judges may take your company's network into consideration, among various factors, in the CROWDIMPACT event.
  • April 2nd: CROWDIMPACT registration will close at 11:59 pm GMT
  • April 8th: Live Presenters for CROWDIMPACT will be announced. A full list of live presenters will be available on
  • April 23rd: CROWDIMPACT Live Business Presentation Forum

Company Profile Check List (some items optional)

  • Video. Your video must be hosted on YouTube. Simply paste your YouTube video url in the appropriate field.
  • Company Logo. Formats supported: JPG, PNG, GIF / Max. file size: 3MB Dimensions: 278px X 198px
  • Main Image. Formats supported: JPG, PNG, GIF / Max file size: 6MB Dimensions: 630px X 380px
  • Tagline. 60 characters max
  • Elevator Pitch. 200 characters max
  • Presentation. Your presentation is split into three sections made up of answers to the following questions:
    • How and why did you start your company?
    • What are you doing that sets your company apart?
    • What are the keys to your success?
    • 500 characters max per section
  • Deck. You will be able to automatically import your slides by uploading your deck to and then pasting your SlideShare deck URL into your Crowdfunder Profile.
  • Team Members & Advisors. Your team members & advisors will need to create their own user profiles on so that you can add them to your Company Profile using their email addresses.
  • Link to your Social Networks

Your documents cannot include any mention of investment or funding. You will be asked to remove them and your account will be removed if you do not comply or maintain investment language on your Company profile

Live Event Judging Criteria:

During the Live Presentation, the Judges will consider many factors which include, but are not limited to whether the company has clearly communicated its mission and viability as a social enterprise; the capital efficiency of the business model is going forward; the quality and engagement of the management team; the manner in which the company has woven its mission/impact into the company and the ability to scale effectively without diminishing impact; how the company consistently measures and responds to those measurements to ensure impact and growth; a clear market and customer, their size and growth potential, and the ability to reach them; the company's progress to date relative to the resources expended; the competitive landscape and their points of differentiation; website support; presentation skills, and other factors.

The companies selected are at the sole discretion of the Judges.

Questions/Comments: Email us at


We reserve the right to make decisions, including disqualification, regarding any entrant at any point during or in the weeks following after the competition, if a rules violation has happened, or if we determine that your team does not fit within the requirements for the competition. Determinations are at the sole discretion of and/or its Capital Partners, and all decisions are final. assumes no responsibility for lost, late, or incomplete profile submissions or entries. Anyone who attempts to enter with multiple email addresses under multiple identities or uses any device or artifice to register multiple times, or anyone who encourages others to do the same, will be disqualified and forfeit any prize won., in its sole discretion, may remove a profile and its associated vote if a profile is created with an IP address already registered with a previous account. Multiple votes from one IP address will not be counted. Current employees, associates and advisors of Inc, Capital Partners, Social Enterprise Partners, or Sponsors and any Judges cannot compete in CROWDIMPACT or vote online for startups.

Confidentiality. Neither nor CROWDIMPACT organizers can guarantee confidentiality in any way. Do not include confidential material in your submissions as they may be available for review by visitors to the Crowdfunder site. Do not include solicitation for investment in your materials. Any such materials may result in your company being removed from the site and CROWDIMPACT.

If you are planning to file patent protection on an aspect of your business, you should realize that entry into this competition may be construed as a public disclosure. You should consult with an attorney before entering.

Live presenters will be required to submit a brief statement of their idea to be used for public relations purposes. The content may be as general or specific as a company desires, but it should be considered public knowledge and will be a required part of participating in the competition. Live presenters may be required to participate in filming and will execute the associated releases.

By entering CROWDIMPACT, you agree to the following:
By entering, you grant Crowdfunder an irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide, non-exclusive license to use your name and likeness, your company's name and trademark, and to issue press releases concerning your company and its involvement in CROWDIMPACT, all in connection with the advertising and promotion of CROWDIMPACT and/or

You agree that you will at all times comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to all intellectual property laws and securities laws and regulations. You also agree that you will respect the intellectual property rights of others.

You agree that we have the right to disallow you from joining CROWDIMPACT at our sole discretion. You agree that we have the right to remove you from CROWDIMPACT and eligibility to win the Final Prize or any other prize, if applicable. By joining CROWDIMPACT you agree to the Terms of Use on

You agree that the Rules herein may change from time to time and be updated. By remaining in CROWDIMPACT, you agree and accept the new changes to the Rules. You agree to check these Rules for updates from time to time.

OUR LIABILITY TO YOU IS LIMITED. To the maximum extent permitted by law, in no event shall we or any of our affiliates, members, officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents, parent corporation, subsidiaries, or representatives be liable for damages of any kind (including, but not limited to, special, incidental, or consequential damages, lost profits, or lost data, regardless of the foreseeability of those damages) arising out of or in connection with your participation in CROWDIMPACT or your use of This limitation shall apply regardless of whether the damages arise out of breach of contract, tort, or any other legal theory or form of action. You agree that, if for any reason a court of competent jurisdiction or an arbitrator finds the foregoing to be unenforceable, neither we nor any of our affiliates, members, officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents, or representatives shall be liable for any damages in excess of one hundred dollars ($100), or the smallest amount possible under applicable law.

You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Inc., the title partners, the Capital Partners, Sponsors, Judges and their affiliates, sister companies, parent companies, subsidiaries, members, officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents, and representatives of from any and all third party claims, losses, liabilities, damages, and/or costs (including reasonable attorneys' fees and costs) arising from your use of, your participation in CROWDIMPACT, or the violation of any law (including but not limited to any intellectual property infringement) by you.

By entering CROWDIMPACT or accepting a prize or otherwise participating in CROWDIMPACT, you personally and on behalf of your company, agree to release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless Inc., and their parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, attorneys, sponsors and agents, including advertising and promotion agencies, and assigns, any person or entity associated with the production, operation or administration of CROWDIMPACT and any other organizations related to CROWDIMPACT (collectively, the "Released Parties"), from any and all claims, injuries, damages, expenses or losses to person or property and/or liabilities of any nature that in any way arise from participation in CROWDIMPACT, without limitation, (i) any condition caused by events beyond Inc.'s control that may cause CROWDIMPACT to be disrupted or corrupted; (ii) any injuries, losses, or damages (compensatory, direct, incidental, consequential or otherwise) of any kind arising in connection with or as a result of the prize, or acceptance, possession, or use of the prize, or from participation in CROWDIMPACT, including but not limited to travel to and from Los Angeles; (iii) any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with CROWDIMPACT, : (iv) late, lost, delayed, stolen, misdirected, incomplete unreadable, inaccurate, garbled or unintelligible entries, communications or affidavits, regardless of the method of transmission (v) failed, returned or misdirected notifications based on inaccurate information provided by the winner on the entry form; (vi) or otherwise not received by the intended recipient in whole or in part or for computer or technical error of any kind (vii) telephone system, telephone or computer hardware, software or other technical or computer malfunctions, lost connections, disconnections, delays or transmission errors; (viii) data corruption, theft, destruction, unauthorized access to or alteration of entry or other materials; (ix) travel; or (x) personal injuries, death, damage to, loss or destruction or property, rights of publicity or privacy, defamation, or portrayal in a false light, regardless of whether such claims, or knowledge of the facts constituting such claims, exist at the time of entry or arise at any time thereafter. You agree to be bound by these Rules, and's decisions in all respects relative to the CROWDIMPACT are final. In no event will Released Parties be liable to you for any direct, special, incidental, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages (including loss of use, data, business or profits) arising out of or in connection with your participation in the CROWDIMPACT, whether such liability arises from any claim based upon contract, warranty, tort (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise, and whether or not Crowdfunder has been advised of the possibility of such loss or damage. Some jurisdictions do not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

All forum participants and Live Presenters shall release all rights to bring any claim, action or proceeding against Released Parties further covenant not to Released Parties and hereby acknowledge that the Released Parties have not made and are not in any manner responsible or liable for any warranty, representation or guarantee, express or implied, in fact or in law, related to the CROWDIMPACT.

IF YOU ARE A CALIFORNIA RESIDENT, YOU WAIVE ANY AND ALL RIGHTS UNDER SECTION 1542 OF THE CIVIL CODE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, WHICH PROVIDES AS FOLLOWS: "A GENERAL RELEASE DOES NOT EXTEND TO CLAIMS WHICH THE CREDITOR DOES NOT KNOW OR SUSPECT TO EXIST IN HIS FAVOR AT THE TIME OF EXECUTING THE RELEASE, WHICH IF KNOWN BY HIM MUST HAVE MATERIALLY AFFECTED HIS SETTLEMENT WITH THE DEBTOR." You expressly waive and release any right or benefit which you have or may have under Section 1542 of the Civil Code of the State of California, to the full extent that you may waive all such rights and benefits pertaining to the matters released here. In connection with such waiver and relinquishment, you acknowledge that you are aware that you may hereafter discover claims presently unknown or unsuspected, or facts in addition to or different from those which you now know or believe to be true, with respect to the matters released herein; nevertheless, it is your intention through this release to fully and finally and forever settle and release all such matters and claims relative thereto, which do not exist, may exist or heretofore have existed between yourself and Inc. The release herein given shall be and remain in effect as a full and complete release of such claims and matters notwithstanding the discovery or existence of any such additional or different claims or facts relative thereto. reserves the right to make changes or additions to these Rules for any reason at any time.'s failure to enforce any term of these Rules shall not constitute a waiver of that provision. Participants may not promote illegal, illicit, unethical, or immoral activities or any activities which may be considered unworthy of association with Crowdfunder, inc.; determination of the foregoing is at's sole discretion.

We reserve the right to terminate CROWDIMPACT at any time for any reason.

GOVERNING LAW; ARBITRATION. CROWDIMPACT shall be governed by California law. By participating in CROWDIMPACT, you agree that any and all disputes, claims and causes of action arising out of or related to this CROWDIMPACT or any prize awarded shall be resolved under California law (without reference to its conflicts of laws principles). For any dispute you have with, you agree to first contact us at and attempt to resolve the dispute with us informally. In the unlikely event that Company has not been able to resolve a dispute it has with you after attempting to do so informally, we each agree to resolve any claim, dispute, or controversy (excluding claims for injunctive or other equitable relief) arising out of or in connection with or relating to these Terms, or the breach or alleged breach thereof (collectively, "Claims"), exclusively by binding arbitration by the American Arbitration Association ("AAA") under the Commercial Arbitration Rules and Supplementary Procedures for Consumer Related Disputes then in effect for the AAA, except as provided herein. Arbitration shall occur in Los Angeles, CA. The prevailing party as determined by the arbitrator shall be entitled to recover its reasonable costs and expenses, including without limitation its reasonable attorneys' fees.

Date: Apr, 2013