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Venture Capital: Crowdsourced

Los Angeles, California, US

financial services, tech startup, Internet (Software & Services)

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Company Overview

Crowdfunder is the number one ranked equity crowdfunding site with over 100,000 registered users and $103 million committed across investments to-date.

In 1978 the Pension Protection Act created a new capital market worth $4.3 Trillion today, and added $15 Trillion to the public stock market by allowing non-accredited investors to diversify their risk with mutual funds. In 2014 the JOBS Act unlocked the same potential for startup investors, creating a new asset class and capital market with 30% annual returns.

Crowdfunder is the early leader in this $1.2 Trillion annual market. The opportunity for Crowdfunder is similar to that of private equity giants like The Blackstone Group (worth $51 Billion), electronic marketplaces like E*TRADE (worth $9 Billion) or social networks with big data like LinkedIn (worth $25 Billion).


$103,000,000 investment commitments since launch

December, 2015

Equity in 18 startups, scaling to 50 by end of 2015

December, 2015

Grown to 100,000 members organically

December, 2015

13,200 individual and institutional investors

December, 2015

Our network includes Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Neil Young, Yao Ming & Tim Draper

June, 2015

Funded 58 Companies Through Crowdfunder

December, 2015

#1 Google Ranking for "equity crowdfunding" and "investment crowdfunding"

June, 2015

Monthly Recurring Revenues, projected cashflow positive in early 2016

June, 2015


We've collectively raised $1,000,000 through two separate rounds on Crowdfunder. Crowdfunding brings fundraising online in a scalable manner and we saw great success in leveraging the platform to close investors.
Jeff Curie CEO of Bitvore
Jeff Curie
Crowdfunder allows me to access top deals and connect directly with the CEO. It's like the great walls of venture capital have crumbled and now everyone has access to world-class deals.
Mark Rampolla Founder & CEO of ZICO Beverages
Mark Rampolla
After 20 years of funding startups, I am excited that a resource like Crowdfunder has arrived. Now I'm able to identify the best new businesses and most talented entrepreneurs who fit my investment profile instantly online.
William Quigley Managing Dir. of Clearstone Venture Partners
William Quigley
We eventually raised around 40% of our $2,000,000 round directly on Crowdfunder with a significant portion of that coming in the first 48 hours of launching our deal.
Sohin Shah Co-Founder of iFunding
Sohin Shah
We reviewed over 100 crowdfunding platforms in great depth before choosing Crowdfunder. The team and technology helped us reach our fundraising goal of $5,000,000.
Joey Gabaldon CEO of Ascenergy
Joey Gabaldon
Not only did we meet and successfully fundraise from investors, we also recruited an invaluable advisor on Crowdfunder.
Eve Blossom Founder & CEO of WE'VE
Eve Blossom


Team Member Name

Justin Harkey

Lead Developer

Justin Harkey is a Front-end Developer with nearly a decade of professional experience. He's worked with websites of all sizes from single page to corporate ... Read More
Team Member Name

William Quezada

Jr. User Experience Designer & Product Manager

Team Member Name

Jeff Saras

Developer at Crowdfunder

Team Member Name

Katie Talati

Investor Relations Manager

Team Member Name

Andrew Kelley

Director, Sales & Investment

Team Member Name

Corbin Holt

Director, Marketing

Team Member Name

Lorus Hendricks

Customer Success Specialist at Crowdfunder

Has experience working with students in a University setting facilitating lessons, in the legal setting interacting with clients and going to court, and most... Read More