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Investment Crowdfunding for Startups & Social Enterprises

Why We Started This Company

To democratize access to opportunity & funding for entrepreneurs around the world. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship and community based finance to improve the quality of life in local ecosystems globally.

What Sets Us Apart

Our growing network of investors and entrepreneurs. A nuanced understanding of the diverse disciplines within the online investment market including Entrepreneur Ecosystem Development, Early Stage Finance, Securities Law, and Online Services. Our seasoned management team and it's leadership in the crowdfund investing space at the highest levels of government and partners. Our legacy will be a trusted global online financial services brand empowering millions of entrepreneurs

Our Keys To Success

Our deeply committed team who are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, innovating in finance for investors, and changing the world for small business owners globally. Further growth of quality deal flow (fundraises) and our growing base of engaged investors will be a game changer, as will the growth of our local ecosystem strategy CROWDFUNDx, ultimately getting communities to help validate the top companies that should fundraise on our network, bringing some of the local investors with them.

By taking your deal public you will allow more investors to access your Deal. It's important that you know the following for all Companies doing Public Fundraising:

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