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Venture Capital: Crowdsourced

Los Angeles, California, US

financial services, tech startup, Internet (Software & Services)

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Company Overview

Crowdfunder is the number one ranked equity crowdfunding site with over 100,000 registered users and $103 million committed across investments to-date.

In 1978 the Pension Protection Act created a new capital market worth $4.3 Trillion today, and added $15 Trillion to the public stock market by allowing non-accredited investors to diversify their risk with mutual funds. In 2014 the JOBS Act unlocked the same potential for startup investors, creating a new asset class and capital market with 30% annual returns.

Crowdfunder is the early leader in this $1.2 Trillion annual market. The opportunity for Crowdfunder is similar to that of private equity giants like The Blackstone Group (worth $51 Billion), electronic marketplaces like E*TRADE (worth $9 Billion) or social networks with big data like LinkedIn (worth $25 Billion).

New $ Trillion Market Unlocked


$103,000,000 investment commitments since launch

June, 2015

Equity in 18 startups, scaling to 50 by end of 2015

June, 2015

Grown to 100,000 members organically

June, 2015

13,200 individual and institutional investors

June, 2015

Our network includes Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Neil Young, Yao Ming & Tim Draper

June, 2015

Funded 58 Companies Through Crowdfunder

June, 2015

#1 Google Ranking for "equity crowdfunding" and "investment crowdfunding"

June, 2015

Monthly Recurring Revenues, projected cashflow positive in early 2016

June, 2015


We've collectively raised $1,000,000 through two separate rounds on Crowdfunder. Crowdfunding brings fundraising online in a scalable manner and we saw great success in leveraging the platform to close investors.
Jeff Curie CEO of Bitvore
Jeff Curie
Crowdfunder allows me to access top deals and connect directly with the CEO. It's like the great walls of venture capital have crumbled and now everyone has access to world-class deals.
Mark Rampolla Founder & CEO of ZICO Beverages
Mark Rampolla
After 20 years of funding startups, I am excited that a resource like Crowdfunder has arrived. Now I'm able to identify the best new businesses and most talented entrepreneurs who fit my investment profile instantly online.
William Quigley Managing Dir. of Clearstone Venture Partners
William Quigley
We eventually raised around 40% of our $2,000,000 round directly on Crowdfunder with a significant portion of that coming in the first 48 hours of launching our deal.
Sohin Shah Co-Founder of iFunding
Sohin Shah
We reviewed over 100 crowdfunding platforms in great depth before choosing Crowdfunder. The team and technology helped us reach our fundraising goal of $5,000,000.
Joey Gabaldon CEO of Ascenergy
Joey Gabaldon
Not only did we meet and successfully fundraise from investors, we also recruited an invaluable advisor on Crowdfunder.
Eve Blossom Founder & CEO of WE'VE
Eve Blossom


Chance Barnett

Chance Barnett

Co-Founder & CEO

I'm the CEO of Crowdfunder, the leading equity crowdfunding platform for crowdsourced venture capital. Crowdfunder empowers influencers to transform their social currency into financial capital.   I'm an internet entrepreneur, angel investor, and advisor who has started, bootstrapped, and raised VC money for several companies from inception over the last 15 years.   Prior to founding Crowdfunder in 2011, I left my most recent full time operational leadership role and became a hands-on investor and advisor for early stage growth companies, a Forbes Contributor on Startups and Crowdfunding, as well as a published best-selling author in the areas of Entrepreneurship and Personal Development.   In founding Crowdfunder, I played an early and significant role in JOBS Act legislation & regulation in Washington D.C.– engaging directly with top leadership across Congress, the White House, and the SEC. I've been invited to consult on early stage venture formation by foreign governments and private leadership around the world.   I'm also a graduate of University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in Economics and live in Venice, California where I sneak off to surf when the waves are good.
Rafe Furst

Rafe Furst

Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Rafe is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor who connects ideas, people and resources to make good things happen faster. Beginning in Silicon Valley in the mid 1990s, Rafe founded or was a first round angel investor in over 30 startups, which collectively have generated over $1 Billion in revenue and $450 Million in liquidity to their stakeholders. Rafe's been featured in the New York Times Magazine, and Shake The World, for his ideas on unlocking shared value. He's won awards for cancer awareness and video production; hold's a championship bracelet from the World Series of Poker; and a B.S. & M.S. from Stanford University. What people want to talk to him most about though is the year he spent in an RV with his best friend, drinking beer and attending sporting events. More on
Douglas Strasnick
Seasoned entertainment executive and strategist with 9+ years experience leading teams to revenue-generating, multi-channel content successes. Driven team leader who empowers, challenges and communicates with employees across divisions to achieve shared company goals. Skilled negotiator who transitions seamlessly between traditional and new media projects, and who draws upon programming, content development, acquisition, business/legal affairs, product creation and distribution experience to deliver audience, value and revenue in entertainment, sports and general industry verticals. Doug graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude from Duke University and was the inaugural Frank Rothman Scholar at the University of Southern California Law School.
Maximina Revis

Maximina Revis

VP Product

Award-winning, digital executive obsessed with growth, problem solving and building truly remarkable digital products. 15 years of digital experience with proven ability to build and manage highly effective, immersive user-centric digital destinations that meet both business and brand objectives spanning across web, social, mobile, Smart TV, and streaming devices. Possesses solid background in ecommerce, subscription commerce, direct response, entertainment and online gaming. Ability to seamlessly blend marketing messages with strong UX has resulted in award-winning digital initiatives that significantly grow user adoption, increase revenue and deepen engagement metrics for a multitude of brands both iconic and emerging.
Scott Darden

Scott Darden

VP Technology and Engineering

Scott Darden has worked with some of the biggest brands in tech as well as founded and developed smaller startups. His career, which spans the best part of twenty years, includes executing research into communications and digital signal processing for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and technical engineering for Intel. His work at NASA won him the Milcom 2003 Best Paper in a Classified Section award, plus JPL’s Software of the Year award. Currently the CTO at Crowdfunder — a leading equity crowdfunding platform headquartered in Los Angeles — Scott is responsible for iterating the technology behind the investment platform as new companies partner with Crowdfunder to promote fundraising campaigns, and as new legislation is passed, paving the way for groundbreaking investing opportunities.
Alex Kagawa

Alex Kagawa

Senior Director, Investment & Sales

Built career in Silicon Beach’s burgeoning technology sector as part of Crowdfunder’s founding team. Oversees deal sourcing for Crowdfunder’s portfolio, and manages customer support and sales departments since joining three weeks after launch, as its first intern and third full-time employee. Focused on deal sourcing, quality control, partner and account management, and advising companies on fundraising strategy to support development and growth of Crowdfunder’s investment network.

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Tim Draper

DFJ, Founder

Timothy C. Draper is the Founder and a Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Married for 30 years with four incredible kids, his original suggestion... Read More

Mark Pincus

Founder, Zynga

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Brian Lee

CEO & Co-Founder at The Honest Company

Lowell Milken Institute of Business Law and Policy, The Honest Company, Read More

Rob Nail

Singularity University, CEO & Associate Founder

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Benjamin Goldhirsh


Ben Goldhirsh is the co-founder and CEO of GOOD, a global community of, by, and for pragmatic idealists working towards individual and collective progress. O... Read More

Maura O'Neill

Serial Entrepreneur, Former Chief Innovation Officer at USAID

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Sharon Chang

Yoxi, Founder + CEO

Sharon Chang is a designer, media executive, innovation strategist, social entrepreneur, impact investor, and philanthropist. Read More

Kiki Tidwell

Angel Investor

Angel investor, impact investor, primarily clean tech, Kauffman Fellow. Read More

Mark Rampolla

Founder and Former CEO of ZICO Beverages and Angel Investor

Andy Bloch, Founder

Founder of; Harvard Law School graduate and licensed attorney; Graduate of MIT (BS&MS in Electrical Engineering); Former member and manager o...

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David Hite

Bridge 37 Ventures, Managing Partner

I'm a Managing Partner in Bridge 37 Ventures. Bridge 37 is a Venture Capital firm investing in entrepreneurs who innovate and disrupt and whom can envision d... Read More

Amir Banifatemi

Various Startups, Advisor and Board Member

I help start, grow, and run companies. I usually work with startups and growth oriented companies on products and initiatives that could trigger significant ... Read More

Ace Bailey

JEDI Investments, CEO

Rodrigo Sanchez Servitje

Managing Partner at Bridge 37 Ventures

I’m Managing Partner at Bridge 37 Ventures. Bridge 37 is a Venture Capital firm focused on investment in innovation that revolutionizes the status quo and ... Read More

Haralabos Voulgaris

Crowdfunder, Inc., Investor

Recognized for both his successful poker playing career and his aptitude at prognosticating outcomes in the NBA, Haralabos "Bob" Voulgaris has quickly become... Read More

Luis Castanon

Investor and Co-Founder at 100% Natural Restaurant, Venture Partner at

Serial entrepreneur with the firm conviction that the success of any company is WIN-WIN, interested in developing entrepreneurship transmit and to promote en... Read More

Sony Mordechai

Global Eye Investments, Chairman & CEO

"Great happiness through social responsibility is a one way road" My focus in life is to help people and organisations reach there highest potential. I t... Read More

Gigi Brisson

Founding Partner, Attractor Ventures

Leon Wang

CEO of Capitalnuts

CPA, Online retailing, Internet Investors Read More

Dan Cunningham

Menagerie Investments and Holdings, Founder - Managing Partner

Taylor Brooks

Menagerie Investments, Vice President

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Leonardo Miron

Crescendi, Founder & President

Jen Leo

Los Angeles Times, Web Buzz columnist

Jen Leo is a family travel and tech writer. She writes the nationally syndicated Web Buzz column for the Los Angeles Times and edited the award-winning ?ve-b... Read More
Writer/Director/Producer Read More

John Caldwell

ScheckCor, LLC, Owner

Director of herding Before that Terminally curious. Hubby to Jen; helped make #Cora. Broncos. LAKings. Food Read More

Alex Gahagan

Facebook, Facilities Events and Amenities Manager

Carlos Cabrera

Jefferies, Managing Director

Ricardo Elizondo

Founder and Managing Director of Ideas & Capital

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Xavier Ponce de Le

Ideas y Capital, Director

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David Wilner

Founder of Wind River Systems

Dr. Ron Karlsberg

Cardiologist & Venture Capitalist

Dr. Karlsberg has a special interest in digital medical imaging and has developed an acclaimed electronic medical record system. He is a recognized expert in... Read More

Mercedes Lopez Arratia

Head of Digital Marketing at Banamex

Hernan Chang

Jacksonville Multispecialty Group, LLC, Owner

Angel Investor. Read More

Howie Cohen

Phelps, Santa Monica, California, Chief Creative Officer

Clio Hall of Fame copywriter. Creator of famous ad campaigns, "I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing" and "Try It, You'll Like It" for Alka Seltzer. Howie ... Read More

Michael Husemann

Financial Analyst

Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Structured Finance Read More

Mary Beth Rampolla

Brand Design, ZICO, Investor

30 intense years of powerful design, younger than ever, looking forward to continuing to do good things for the world. Read More

Marcus Segal

Entrepreneur, Investor, Fixer and Friend to Start-ups

Marcus Segal is a strategist and operations executive with over 15 years of experience in the technology sector. Segal is currently exploring the world serv... Read More


Team Member Name

Justin Harkey

Front End Developer

Justin Harkey is a Front-end Developer with nearly a decade of professional experience. He's worked with websites of all sizes from single page to corporate ... Read More
Team Member Name

William Quezada

Jr. User Experience Designer & Product Manager

Team Member Name

Jeff Saras

Developer at Crowdfunder

Jeff Saras is a creative designer, that has a passion for interactive media and inspirational design using industries latest technologies. Jeff studied at th... Read More
Team Member Name

Katie Talati

Portfolio Manager & Customer Service

Team Member Name

Andrew Kelley

Director, Sales & Investment

Team Member Name

Corbin Holt

Director, Marketing

Corbin Holt received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. At Crowdfunder I lead al... Read More
Team Member Name

Denisse Lira

Crowdfunder MX, Onboarding Manager

Onbaoarding Manager of Crowdfunder LatAm. True believer of entrepreneurship. I studied actuarial science at ITAM & diploma in Corporate Finances. I started... Read More
Team Member Name

Marte Baquerizo

Crowdfunder MX, Director of Engineering

Full Stack Developer that loves to code for the web! Read More
Team Member Name

Dayra Chiu

Crowdfunder MX, Marketing

I'm younger than people think, I'm good to build things/process and develop skills. I love meeting new people and learning interesting things on the basi... Read More

Board of Directors / Advisors

Team Member Name

Jean Michel Arnoult

Co-founder @ Crowdfunder

Present: Co-founder at Crowdfunder. Past: Strategist for ... Read More
Team Member Name

Maura O'Neill

Serial Entrepreneur, Former Chief Innovation Officer at USAI

Serial entrepreneur; teach entrepreneurship and new venture finance at UC Berkeley, Stanford, Columbia; Presidential Appointee as first Chief Innovation Offi... Read More
Team Member Name

Rodrigo Sanchez Servitje

Managing Partner at Bridge 37 Ventures

I’m Managing Partner at Bridge 37 Ventures. Bridge 37 is a Venture Capital firm focused on investment in innovation that revolutionizes the status quo and ... Read More
Team Member Name

Amir Tehrani

Entrepreneur in Residence at City of Los Angeles

Most recently, Amir was appointed by Mayor Eric Garcetti to serve as Los Angeles’s first ever Entrepreneur in Residence, aimed at empowering the entreprene... Read More
Team Member Name

Eva Ho

VP of Marketing & Operations at Factual

Eva is currently the VP of Marketing and Operations at Factual where she manages all aspects of the brand, revenue generation, HR and finance. In 2008, she c... Read More
Team Member Name

David Hite

Bridge 37 Ventures, Managing Partner

I'm a Managing Partner in Bridge 37 Ventures. Bridge 37 is a Venture Capital firm investing in entrepreneurs who innovate and disrupt and whom can envision d... Read More
Team Member Name

Jason Nazar

CEO at (Acquired by Intuit)

Jason Lawrence Nazar is the Co-Founder and CEO of, and the creator and host of Startups Uncensored. Before starting Docstoc, Jason was a partner ... Read More
Team Member Name

Jeff Dayton

Leading advisor, executive, tier 1 CTO, angel investor, deal

Jeff is CEO of Alpha Funders, the top advisory service for premier ventures. Jeff is a noted senior executive and has led technology at several major U.S. ... Read More