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FAiNDER - Lets make the world a safe place

Company Overview


Every hour on our planet one person is killed or injured by a landmine.

Almost half of the victims are children.

After every war or conflict, a massive number of landmines and unexploded bombs remain in the ground for decades.

Its estimated that there are over 110 million active landmines spread over 65 countries, still laying in the ground

Today only 90,000 landmines are detected and destroyed every year using current methods.
Using those same methods it would take over 1,000 years to clear the total amount.

We may have found a way to solve this problem.

We called it the FAiNDER. It’s an Artificially Intelligent autonomous mine-detecting DRONE, surveying and tracking landmines and iEDs. The device ensures the safety of ground personnel and provides a 100% accurate mapping of anti-tank and anti-personnel mines in real time.

An operator simply geofences an area, plans the autonomous mission on the special tablet, called AiPOD, sets the altitude height and flight time and the FAiNDER will survey and output a map showing the mines and their precise location, overlaid on Google Earth for easy reference. This is all possible due to the invention of Micro Lightweight ultra-frequency Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) operated from the base of the drone.

The FAiNDER uses a groundbreaking form of artificial perception that fuses GPR, LiDR, Thermal, Millimeter-Wave, Magnameters, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence for extra high accuracy and autonomous survey. This product represents a new generation of hardware integrated with the latest state-of-the-art software ands sensor solutions.

In collaboration with MAG (The Mines Advisory Group), the United Nations mine action effort and the Government of Cambodia, CREDAL will have the FAiNDER system field-tested in Cambodia during December 2018. Following this exercise, the company expects a certification for use.

FAiNDER – let’s make the world a safer place.