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Creative Souls Media Group, Inc.

Creative Souls Media Group, Inc.

MCN the TV of the 21st century

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Company Overview

Creative Souls Media Group, Inc. is a Multi-Channel Network (“MCN” or “Network”) authorized by Google and has launched its first music artists in early February 2016. CSMG is promoting live events at YOUTUBE Space in Los Angeles in June 2016 and is planning its first live and YOUSTAR show in conjunction with LA Center Studios in early 2017. The scope of the event is to allow young artists to be seen around the world and create a live concert that not only bring visibility to young artists. Our approach I to push through YouTube young artists, creating an "American Idol" type of competition through the Internet with a worldwide audience. In addition CSMG is producing concert & music events for Charitable organization in keeping the broadcast rights to our Internet MCN

YouTube’s MCN is an attractive portal that CSMG believes will become the backbone of new forms of entertainment. Google has been for some time in search of ways to introduce quality programming and content onto YouTube.Importantly, and because of the long and close relationship between the Company and Google going back to the earliest days of Google, Google jointly determined with the Company to establish a new Network distinct from all of the existing Networks on the YouTube platform.Like ABC, NBC, and CBS of old, CSMG is planned as a true full-orbed Network with quality content, only designed for the audience of today, an audience which is looking for their programs on line on their tablets, phones and computers rather than on their television. CSMG is expecting to build up significant revenue in less than 24 months with the related valuation.


  • Company signed up its first Artists and signed up the venue for its first event in Los Angeles.

    March, 2016