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Company Overview

The CrayCoin Project began in February of 2018 and is designed to establish a primary market of goods and services that can be purchased using cryptocurrency.

The majority of cryptocurrencies have value based on a primary, speculative market. Alternatively, CrayCoin, will use a publicly available index based on utility of the token and void of any outside speculation to establish goods and services as its primary market. This index, will of course also be available as a fundamental for investors looking to speculate through an exchange on the secondary exchange market.

CrayCoin will soon be added as a valid form of payment within the CrayPay merchant network which will facilitate the spending of crypto to over 64,000 retail locations, including AMC Theatres, American Eagle, Best Buy, Chili’s, Domino’s, GAP, Lowe’s, Outback Steakhouse, and Sears.


17 Employees
$1MM Run Rate Transaction Volume

Pitch Deck


  • Team grows by 16 - adding additional talent to CrayPay brand - including full-time Blockchain Developer

    April, 2018
  • Expansion of participating locations to include AutoZone, Chipotle, The Home Depot, The Children's Place, Cabela's, and many more

    March, 2018
  • 110th National Brand Approval - American Eagle

    March, 2017
  • Private Beta Launched

    December, 2016
  • Trademark approval

    June, 2016
  • Secured Fixed Rate Processing in 160+ currencies with exclusive partnership

    June, 2016
  • Cray Pay platform receives "Patent Pending" status

    March, 2016
  • First national brand approval and contract

    October, 2015


Mike Keith
Mike Keith
"CrayPay is doing big things. With the ICO and SAFT - it’s going to be doing even bigger things. I see the return potential on CrayCoin to be significantly more substantial."
Cameron Normoyle
Cameron Normoyle
"There are so many ICO’s out there that are loosely tied to their product which tends to introduce more risk. Because CrayPay’s product perfectly fits with the cryptocurrency, I believe some of the risk is mitigated. The product brings relevancy and makes the chances of success pretty high. The value of the ICO drives the value of the equity, not the other way around."