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Cowgirl Cattle & Trading Co.

Cowgirl Cattle & Trading Co.

Live like somebody left the gate open !

Bozeman, Montana, US

organic meat, meat for women, tastes good and does good., a new cartoon in every batch

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Company Overview

Cowgirl Cattle & Trading Co. has created the first brand of meat, just for women.

One day, at the grocery store, it dawned on us, while we were surrounded by Jimmy Dean, Jack Links and Oh Boy Oberto!.....where we asked, where was the meat for us gals?

In general the organic and processed meat category is MALE DOMINATED, dull, stodgy and pastoral. It is crowded with male ranchers, male farmers, male chefs, male barbecue sauce makers and of course the predictable pastures, silos and barns. We thought it was time for a big change.

So, like diligent obsessed entrepreneurs, we began to imagine a world were there was a female brand, that was socially relevant, 100% organic, great for the health of the planet and our customers, and oh yes, one that delivered INSPIRATION and HOPE and a higher purpose with every package.

The result after 2 years of study and research is Cowgirl Cattle & Trading Co. A 100% organic multi- product line of delicious meat products that pack a big flavor and equal shelf stability and impressive margin. And, the best part? We send girls to school by supporting:

We are on the precipice of greatness with national accounts and need seed funding to get on to the national stage.

Of course, we have a highly detailed business plan with 3 years of financials available for review.

Thank you and Cowgirl Up!


3 Employees
$25,000 Sales

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We completed the novel, Laramie Landon, A Cowgirl's Adventure, which is the story that is launching the product line.

January, 2017

We finished the packaging prototypes for 15 different products.

February, 2017

We completed a comprehensive business plan with 3 years of financials.

March, 2017

We completed the Cowgirl Cattle Branding and launched the B2B website, designed for retailers.

March, 2017

We completed the product and recipe development for the 4 jerky's, 4 sausage's and 4 meatball flavors.

April, 2017

We produced our launch video on location in Bozeman, Montana.

May, 2017

We identified key hires and coalesced our board of advisors.

July, 2017

Rick Sleigh from Atlantic Sales Group formally agreed to rep Cowgirl Cattle.

July, 2017

Sales meetings with Publix Grocery Stores and 7-11 are on the calendar.

July, 2017

Held discussions with national Master Brokers and National Distributors.

July, 2017

Began Jerky pre-production and recipe finalization.

July, 2017

Sales meting with CVS stores is now scheduled.

August, 2017

Presentation to Gelson's Market in Southern California and told that our brand would be included in their purchasing in Q1 of 2018.

October, 2017

The first sale occurred today to Irvine Ranch Market, who ordered 1 case of each one of our products.

October, 2017

Cowgirl Cattle went live on Range the wholesale buying Catalog of all national retailers

October, 2017

Debra's Natural Gourmet in Concord, Mass requested samples of Cowgirl Meatballs and Sausages.

October, 2017

Albertson's Grocery Store in Southern California loved our brand and green-lit Cowgirl for stage 2.: product review.

October, 2017

Invited to Super-Valu's executive meeting on November 9. This is one of the largest distributors in the U.S. They own 5 Grocery chains too.

October, 2017

Shipped product samples to Fairway Market in New York.

October, 2017

21 unique national retailers have now reviewed our line on Range

October, 2017

Launched Pacific Northwest sales junket. Meeting with 4 different regional retail chains and Super-Valu.

November, 2017

Super-Valu distributors is now a confirmed vendor of Cowgirl Cattle & Trading Co. They bring 350 unique retail customers.

November, 2017

Metropolitan Market stores in Seattle approved the Cowgirl Cattle brand for launch in their stores in January 2018.

November, 2017

Cowgirl Cattle secured 2 manufacture reps in 2 regions, both Oregon and Washington State.

November, 2017


Since founding Natural Products Consulting in 1998, Bob Burke has been helping innovators bring natural and specialty products to market across most class of trade. He was named one of the "top 25 Business Builders" and told Cowgirl Cattle, "You're not crazy, there is nothing like this and it's great, keep going!"
Bob Burke CEO Natural Products Consulting
Bob Burke
Wow! There is clearly not a meat brand just for women. Cowgirl has found an open niche in the $200 billion meat marketplace.
Rachael Maloney Senior Brand Strategist Ideo
Rachael Maloney
The Cowgirl product line is both highly differentiated as well as artful and memorable. My gut is that it's a winner.
Barry Callen Marketing Advisor
Barry Callen