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Cost Quest Discount®

Cost Quest Discount®

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Company Overview


O.G. Campbell® prides himself in the field of international construction, and project development. Herein O.G. Campbell® will refer to himself as person, and business. O.G. Campbell® has been involved in the construction of restaurants, and supermarket facilities for over 20 years. O.G. Campbell® attended school in Chicago, Illinois (located in the United States of America), graduated in Honolulu, Hawaii, and finished his higher education in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he studied food safety, energy conservation, HVACR, and restaurant / food sanitation. O.G. Campbell® is a builder by trade, and aims at solving the world hunger situation by creating organic produce without any harmful chemicals added. Solar power farming is another development project that is in the works. O.G. Campbell® has created a discount outlet to store the produce and the store is entitled Cost Quest Discount®. We have the tools to educate ourselves in the supermarket building industry, and plan on building many dining facilities. Supermarket construction is what we love the most. Our plans also include building wet bars, and high class delis with the utmost charm. O.G. Campbell® is currently looking for investors. Your financial donations are needed. No gift amount is too small. Contact us today. Thank you.