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Non-profits and Clubs get their own fully branded Smartphone App, along with their cloud-based private network and its back office tools.

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Company Overview

Welcome to ConnectTogether, the Tech start-up company with firm foundations and a massive future. After investment from the founders, a ‘soft’ launch was completed in April 2016. The results were remarkable, with 200+ Charities, Associations, Clubs and Churches jumping on board, and bringing with them 400,000+ users.

We developed a white label Smartphone APP and a private social network including cloud based software suite which allows us to supply Non-profits and clubs with their own fully branded Smartphone App, along with their own fully branded web-portal and a comprehensive back-office tool. Our revenue model is based on getting a percentage of the financial activities that pass through our system.

Our smartphone app and social network have fully customizable ‘skins’, so branding for each individual partner is quick and simple, but delivers stunning results. NPO’s love us, as they get their very own app and portal which they could never afford themselves. Non-Profit’s followers love us as they get to engage closer with their favorite organization in a private network, ads free. They feel like belonging to the family!

In essence, we have combined the ‘best of the web’ for Non-Profit Organization’s along with all the tools they use daily in one single, fully brand customizable place.


400,000 Users
5 Employees
$130,000 Sales


  • Closing in Q4-2016 with 4 Majors International NPOs counting more than 300,000 users each and raising a minimum of $100M a year.

    September, 2016
  • Launch of the fully BRANDED APP for smartphone. The clients will have their own APP and their network with all their corporate identity.

    September, 2016
  • One Million members threshold could be reached by the end of December 2016 considering the current adoption pace.

    September, 2016
  • Strategic partnership with LRP: Virtual online store, for goodies and accessories designed withNPOs' logo and No inventory management.

    November, 2016


Georgie Moseley
Georgie Moseley
"“ConnectTogether is really exciting for us. It brings together everything we do into one single place, plus lets us communicate and fundraise in ways never possible before. It really does make us closer to our followers”. Georgie Moseley Founder of HelpHarryHelpOthers Cancer Charity and the Drop In Cancer Support Centre "