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The Rowe Network

Empowering physicians to provide the best care online.

Houston, Texas, US

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I am a family medicine physician and I have seen a huge disconnect between the expectation of healthcare administrators, the needs of physicians and the needs of patients. Three hundred physicians commit suicide annually, we spend trillions of dollars on healthcare yet Americans are as unhealthy as ever. Telemedicine, if utilized correctly is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bridge the gap between the needs of all stakeholders. Telemedicine is also an opportunity to improve the productivity for corporations and ease the cost burden of health care institutions all while giving patients more access and better quality of care. Telemedicine belongs in the hands of the primary care physicians and specialists in private practice for ongoing patient management not in the hands of corporations who give more access but disrupt the physician patient relationship. ROWE puts the power in the hands of providers and helps protect physicians and patients while embracing innovation.