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cogito ergo sum - Lau

cogito ergo sum - Lau

Taking away the pain of IT outsourcing

Company Overview

cogito ergo sum is a boutique Agile consultancy specialising in solutions delivery, coaching and mentoring. The consultancy is founded by Alan, an end to end delivery consultant and certified Scrum Master with 18 years of experience delivering custom software solutions with cross functional international teams. Along side Alan, Aziz is the offshore co-founder, who is a delivery manager with 15 years of experience and is responsible for the delivery team in Chennai.

We believe in building small specialised teams as they are by far, more cost effective, efficient and highly skilled.

There are lots of companies supplying offshore resources. However, that is as far as the similarities go. We do not supply resources to businesses. We work with our clients as partners to help them achieve their business objectives, whether they are delivering a project for their client or their product backlog is just big, it is hindering the full potential of their product.

Our philosophy is: "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a life time."

Whilst our competitors aim to have long engagements to generate bigger figures on their balance sheet and strive for rapid company growth, we strive for short engagements, but long term relationships. During an engagement, 6-18 months, we will assist businesses to efficiently work with offshore Agile teams as a single team. Or if the business already has a process and team in place, but want to use a different approach. Our methods are not read from the textbook, but borne through experience, hence we value short engagements to allow our team to experience more, and in return, be constantly sharp.

We aim to stay relatively small, operating no more than 6-8 sprint teams at any one time. We are selective of our clients, and work with businesses that understand that they must evolve to stay ahead of their competition, and that offshoring is not about cutting down on local resources, but complementing the local team to allow them to accomplish high value tasks.


$800,000 Sales
10 Employees
50% ROI


  • Opened our official office in Chennai.

    August, 2016
  • The business cogito ergo sum - Lau officially formed.

    April, 2016
  • The concept of cogito ergo sum was born.

    January, 2015
  • Aziz joined as co-founder for offshore.

    March, 2016