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ClearSpace Aeronautics

ClearSpace Aeronautics

ClearSpace Aeronautics (CSA) is a Drone (sUAS) Aviation, Aeronautics and Aerospace Company. Home of the first DRONE AVIATION RADAR™ (DAR™)

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Company Overview


The Drone Defense System was born in 2007 using early stage RF helicopters fitted with spy video cameras and wireless interfaces to stream X Games sports video to a satellite that transmitted live events online in ad-supported interfaces. To overcome blocking from telecoms and others attempting to block the RF helicopter’s signal and steal video feeds, algorithms were developed to preserve the stream and live online video delivery. To make the apparatuses smaller, technology needed to catch up. Since 2009, the DDS™ signature values, which would become the DAR™ System of today became the backbone to our successfully tested proprietary applications. The groundwork created from 2009-2011 led to many of the actions and behaviors in the current version of the DDs™ Core.


ClearSpace Aeronautics (CSA) is a Drone (sUAS) Aviation, Aeronautics and Aerospace Company. It’s the home of the first DRONE AVIATION DEFENSE SYSTEM™ to protect aircraft from drones by redirecting them from aircraft flight paths to prevent catastrophic collisions, thus saving lives. The Drone Aviation Defense System is part of CSA’s Drone Defense System™ Core which uses propriety algorithms, sensors, firmware and devices to equip the Drone Aviation Radar™ (DAR™), which is the only proactive Drone Radar system.


DAR™ keeps Drones out of Aircraft flight paths, protecting Aircraft from catastrophic collisions and loss of life. DAR™ acts like a radar but with the ability to detect stealth objects as small as a bird and pinpoint the heartbeat of that flying object. Like a radar, it detects and IDs flying objects in its flight path. Then DAR™ surpasses the characteristics of normal radar operating capabilities to the point of Intercepting, Acquiring, Controlling and Removing intruding objects from the Aircraft flight path. It does this by using DDS™ proprietary algorithms, sensors, firmware and devices that work in unison by acquiring and controlling Drones that intrude within Aircraft Airspace as defined by a three-dimensional radius from less than 1 mile, to 5 miles, up to 10 miles away. Drones are removed from the aircraft shielded zone created by DAR™, which acts like a buffer between Aircraft and Drones. DAR™ uses proprietary components within its Signature Acquisition Value Electronics (SAVE) which triggers behaviors to make intruding Drones vulnerable and controllable, eliminating the threat of collision by removing them from the aircraft’s flight path, creating “ClearSpace,” the unobstructed aircraft flight path.

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