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Class for the Mass

Class for the Mass

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Company Overview

Giggin' is a patent pending web and smart phone based app and process created to address the needs of the harried consumers that don't have enough time to purchase groceries and cook meals as well as perform many other time consuming tasks. There is a multi billion dollar market for the many Americans that are far too busy and/or inexperienced in the kitchen. As a result, they often eat out or pickup take out food on the way home. Many yearn fir that home cooked meal but feel ill equipped to cook due to lack of time or skill. Time starved consumers are also too busy as they experience a decade long decline in leisure time.

Instead of bringing ingredients to the home like the Meal Kit companies, our software connects Chefs that are available to cook one time meals, or multiple meals consistent with the health and dietary needs of the consumer at the customer's location. Our solution also connects concierge butlers to perform such tasks as running errands, laundry drop-off delivery, house and pet sitting, beach and airport concierge services. Our software features special capabilities that offer enhanced security to both the consumer and the providers.