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Ciralight Global Inc.

Ciralight Global Inc.

Ciralight - Lighting the future, Naturally.

Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

Ciralight was formed to change the way the world illuminates buildings. Our pioneering technology can illuminate building interiors with off the grid lighting. With rising energy costs and areas of the world with under developed power grids, Ciralight SunTrackers provides a proven sustainable solution. Net Zero lighting for building interiors. An idea who's time has come.

What Sets Us Apart

Ciralight Global, Inc. is a publicly-traded, manufacturer and wholesaler of advanced solar powered natural lighting products that provide off-the-grid lighting for commercial and industrial buildings, schools, shopping malls, retail stores, airports, and military installations, and soon a new design will be available for the large residential housing market.

Our Keys To Success

The Company s patented product is a pioneering, solar powered, sustainable lighting solution that optimally utilizes sunlight in its natural form by combining GPS technology, solar power, and mirrors to funnel natural light into buildings throughout the entire day to provide illumination that is far superior to electrical lights, resulting in a brightness that profoundly transforms indoor environments and reduces lighting costs by 40-80%. New technology will soon increase this to 100%.

Pitch Deck


  • Ciralight maker of Ciralight SunTrackers, received the prestigious Green Mark certification from the Singapore Green Building Council.

    January, 2012
  • Ciralight signs dealer agreement with ABM Industries to sell Ciralight SunTrackers

    November, 2011
  • Caterpillar purchases Ciralight SunTrackers for its Grimbergen, Belgium headquarters to save energy and reduce costs.

    December, 2011
  • Ciralight, a solar powered lighting solution for building interiors received approval from FINRA for public trading of its stock.

    October, 2011
  • Firestone Building Products, a division of Bridgestone signs agreement to sell Ciralight SunTrackers as a Firestone Product Private Label.

    May, 2012