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Chef Cuisine

Chef Cuisine

Slow Food for Fast People

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Company Overview

Nutresia will revolutionize the enormous and fast growing market of convenient home-dinning solutions. With its brand Chef Cuisine, Nutresia is creating a new premium segment through a totally new standard in terms of culinary pleasure, nutritional goodness, menu variety, and route to market. Chef Cuisine is defined as:

  • fresh, delicious, healthy meals,
  • prepared with the best natural ingredients,
  • professional cooking on a simple click,
  • recipes developed by the world’s best female chef

It is a “closed” system composed of the meals and the unique Chef Cuisine bain-marie steamer, for perfect taste, texture and nutritional composition.

Chef Cuisine sells over its proprietary E-Commerce platform to B2C customers and addresses the needs of B2B customers with personalized services provided by the dedicated Chef Cuisine Pro organization.

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