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Modern business communications over mobile Chat Apps, integrated with your CRM.

San Francisco, California, US

email marketing, marketing automation platform, facebook messenger

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Company Overview

In 2005 if a company didn't have a strong digital presence (web/email), they were at a competitive disadvantage. With the fragmentation of communication channels over the last 6 years, a similar dynamic has occurred with 3rd party chat applications.

In 2017, more authentic (non-spam) communications were sent over Chat Apps (Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Twitter, etc..) than email messages globally. Companies that ignore these channels to connect with their audiences are putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

Chatcast is the only company that offers ALL of the top global 3rd party text applications with enterprise grade scalability and integration with popular CRMs/Systems of Record such as, Marketo and others.


$200,000 Sales
4 Employees


Public Launch to Complete $500k in Convertible Notes

January, 2018

5 Customers Signed (Average Sale Price of $17k/year)

December, 2017

First Revenue

October, 2017

Listed on Facebook's App Directory

August, 2017

Listed on Marketo's LaunchPoint App Directory

July, 2017

Private Beta Launched. 110 applications received.

May, 2017

$150k raised through friends and family.

March, 2017

Development Commenced

March, 2017

Chatcast Conceptualized

February, 2017