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Charity Miles

Charity Miles


Why We Started This Company

I created Charity Miles to repurpose the $80 billion annual digital/mobile advertising market for good. I am one of 11.6 million Americans who walked, ran or biked for charity last year. By ourselves we cannot get corporate sponsors because, individually, we are not scaleable, targetable or measurable. Charity Miles fixes that by aggregating a large, demographically targetable audience and allowing sponsors to form meaningful, measurable relationships with them.

What Sets Us Apart

1. Our charity partners are some of the top high-impact charities in the world, such as: Feeding America, Wounded Warrior Project, Stand Up To Cancer, Autism Speaks, ASPCA and The Michael J. Fox Foundation. 2. Our concept is simple and unique. 3. Our design is beautiful. Mashable called it "sleek and easy to use." 4. Our community, already 70,000 strong, drives the movement entirely by word of mouth.

Our Keys To Success

Teamwork. Charity Miles is a collaborative vision that we are advancing in partnership with all of our charity partners and, most importantly, our members. We lay the infrastructure for them to lead. They're the ones making it such a success.

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