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Change My Path

Change My Path

Customizable 3D virtual environments for training

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Company Overview


* signed agreement with Edugild, a leading edtech/HR tech accelerator

* signed 1st customer: multi-billion dollar company focused on safety equipment:

“... We are really looking forward to continuing to create content and using CMP as a fun, interactive training platform for both new and existing employees.”

Today's job skills training is ineffective

Online education is currently stuck in a "video-and-a-quiz" format that is ineffective and uninspiring. High quality interactive content is more engaging and more effective, but is also very expensive, and difficult to update after deployment.


Our Solution - Tool to create immersive 3D simulations for training and education

The ChangeMyPath authoring platform provides tools for companies, groups, and individuals to easily create and publish immersive 3D games & simulations to support or replace their existing training content


Customers map their content onto our pre-built 3D games & simulations then leverage our easy-to-use suite of creations tools to further customize the content - without the need for an expensive engineering team

Employees today have a short attention span

  • Simulations and micro-learning offer brief, focused bursts of eLearning
  • Perfect for quick lessons & training updates on mobile devices

Change My Path is taking online education and job skills training to the next dimension by providing easy-to-use tools for creating rich and exciting 3D Games and Simulations for your training content.


Easy-to-use tools means employers can now create rich training content without the need for a team of developers


Employers can train globally distributed employees in collaborative virtual environments without travel expenses


3D Games & Simulations can be bolted on to existing LMS environments and report to SCORM compliant systems


Employers get access to deep training data to better measure the aptitude of trainees, as well as better refine their curriculum


For Learners


Have fun while learning skills by actively DOING rather than passively reading or watching


Web or mobile, online or offline, our tool is designed to keep you learning wherever you are


Content can easily be modified to target learners with any background - Non-English Speakers, Regional Variance, Advanced vs. Beginner, Etc.


Our games and simulations are built with the future in mind and are natively compatible with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality systems

Learners have fun and learn more effectively, on any device, from anywhere... while Employers create rich content without the cost of an engineering team and get well trained happy employees as well as deeper metrics on performance.

Pitch Deck


  • Signed our first customer: a multi-billion dollar company with 9,000 employees. They'll be using our software to train their new employees

    December, 2016
  • Signed advisory agreement with Edugild, a leading EdTech / HR Tech accelerator for customer acquisition in India, China, and Europe.

    March, 2017
  • Our CEO has led teams responsible for sourcing, developing and releasing multiple game franchises with gross revenue of over $100M

    June, 2016
  • Our lead investor co-founded companies acquired by CSC (market cap $6B) and IBM

    June, 2016


Head of eLearning & Training
Head of eLearning & Training
Multi-national corporation
"Mind Blown -- you know those commercials where the head explodes? That's me right now."
David Mandel
David Mandel
Co-founder & Chairman of Change My Path
"My first startup, Bitvore, was just an idea at one point, and now it has customers including almost 50 major firms on Wall Street. I’m committed to achieving that same level of success with Change My Path."
Frank Martinez
Frank Martinez
Partner at Tresoro Ventures
"People who learn differently or can’t afford college need to have access to higher education and effective job skills training. Change My Path can enable a paradigm shift in how eLearning is created and delivered for mobile devices."
Hale Boggs
Hale Boggs
Manatt Venture Fund
"Zack has tremendous credibility in the digital media and gaming space, having served as VP of Business Development & Digital Platforms at a public digital media company. David has a strong track record as both an investor and an entrepreneur. We are delighted to be a Change My Path investor."

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