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Change Heroes

Change Heroes

Enterprise Software Serving Fortune 500 Companies & World’s Largest Non-Profits

Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

fundraising, consumer internet, social enterprise, non profit, technology for good, Internet (Software & Services)

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Company Overview

We're a For-Profit / For-Impact tech company, building the world's largest community of people taking action by giving.

We built a completely intuitive, personal, video-driven fundraising platform that engages millennials to take action & give. Now we're partnering with the best non-profit organizations & corporations in the world to take it to scale.

The results: 10x the impact, and a generation of philanthropists decades ahead of their time.

Customer Problem

There's a massive shift happening in the $316B fundraising industry. The largest demographic of donors is changing from 70M baby boomers to 90M millennials.

With traditional channels like TV, direct mail, street canvassing, and tele-marketing no longer working on millennials (and costing $0.60 - $1.50 for every $1 donation), non-profits are looking for a new cost effective channel to access, engage, and acquire new millennial donors.

Products & Services

Change Heroes is the Enterprise version of the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" empowering non-profits and corporations to engage millennials in the way they want to give and participate, which is quick, online, and socially with friends.

By leveraging personal networks and high conversion of personal videos, Change Heroes generates non-profits thousands of new high quality donors (donating an average of $254+) for only $0.10 of every dollar raised.

To date Change Heroes has helped our Non-Profit & Corporate clients fundraise over $2M, increase their average donation by 500%, and acquire thousands of new high-quality donors.


$1,400,000 out of $2,000,000 raised

July, 2015

$2.275M donated to 735 Change Heroes campaigns

July, 2015

230 projects funded impacting 200,000+ people across the world

July, 2015

Average donation is $250, 5x greater than the average crowdfunding donation

July, 2015

Team comprised of millennial giving thought leader Taylor Conroy and Mike Tan who's built an enterprise SaaS company to 100,000 clients

January, 2015


Change Heroes is not simply shifting donors from one channel to another, it is opening up a powerful new channel of revenue and donor acquisition.
Vinay Bhagat Founder and CEO of Convio
Vinay Bhagat


Team Member Name

Mike Tan

Chief Operating Officer

Team Member Name

Steven Zozula

Lead Designer

Steven Zozula is the Senior Graphic Designer at Change Heroes and has been working with the company for 4 years running. Read More
Team Member Name

Jesse Appleby

Community Manager

Prior to working at Change Heroes, Jesse Appleby was a Co-Founder of ForTwoPlease Marketing, Inc. At Change Heroes, Jesse has dealt in many different areas i... Read More