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VC Index Fund

VC Index Fund

Co-Invest with the World's Best VCs

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Company Overview

Dear Fellow Crowdfunder,

I’m pleased to share that Crowdfunder has launched the VC Index Fund.

The Fund co-invests with a select list of leading VCs (the Index), investing $100,000 per deal in Seed and Series A stage companies. We then look to help the Founders with strategic opportunities and follow-on capital from our network.

With this milestone, our mission of democratizing early-stage venture finance now extends beyond our platform and includes an innovative fund model. With our Fund, we're opening up access to investing alongside the world's leading VCs, in the same round/terms.

A New Model in Early-Stage Venture Capital

Crowdfunder now provides unprecedented access -- for both experienced institutional investors and everyday investors -- to early-stage deals from many of Silicon Valley’s leading VC firms. Our model is accelerating our growth, and today we're already at 74 investor-led deals in our portfolio.

How Does the Fund Work?

We get access to deals through a combination of direct referrals from investors, startups which qualify via our Platform, and through direct outreach by our team to Founders. Once a VC Index firm invests, we are able to quickly qualify a startup for investment from the Fund. The Fund is highly diversified, targeting hundreds of early-stage deals per year.

Why So Many Deals?

Rather than trying to pick big winning investments (the “unicorns”) at the Seed stage, we listen to the data, which suggests that the winning strategy is to follow top VCs into their deals, but diversify much more than they do. We then leverage our Platform and data to scale our portfolio companies and help these Founders be more successful over the long term.

If you're an Entrepreneur, you can now apply for our Fund, and many of our Partners funds simultaneously, by simply creating your Company on Crowdfunder (here).