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Opportunity to get in on the ground floor of CBD investment, with a $10 Reg. A+ T2 Stock set for 2020 NASDAQ IPO. (OTC PINK: KDCE)

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Company Overview

Cannabinoid Biosciences, Inc. also doing business as Kid Castle (OTC PINK: KDCE) is a biopharmaceutical company, which intends to engage in the discovery, development and commercialization of cures and novel therapeutics from proprietary cannabinoid, cannabidiol, endocannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, and synthetic cannabinoids product platform suitable for specific treatments in a broad range of disease areas.

KDCE's mission is to revolutionize and standardize the pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceutical CBD products formulation across the CBD market in the United States of America and to some extent, globally. KDCE seeks to control the production and distribution of verities of consumer cannabidiol (CBD) formulation under private brands in the United States. KDCE’s goal is to bring standardization to the CBD industry, the same way that John D Rockefeller’s Standard Oil brought standardization to crude refining in the United States in the nineteenth century. KDCE’s product lineup include tinctures, capsules, gummies, bath bombs, vape oils, topical creams, and animal treats and oils. The company will sell its products directly to consumers through the company Website, as well as non-affiliated stores in about 40 states.

The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Los Angeles, California.

The company is engaged in the following areas of the legal CBD business: (1) Ownership interest in certain businesses that extract, purchase and distribute Bulk Pure CBD, Isolate, Hemp Oil, THC-free CBD Distillate and Crude CBD Oil; (2) Partnerships with local farmers to grow farm bill compliant hemp biomass; (3) Partnerships with extract facilities across the U.S. who manufacture hemp-based ingredients to meet the specific needs financial products in form of asset-backed loans, business property mortgages and other financial products to qualified individuals/businesses in the legal-CBD businesses; and (4) professional services including top-level financial reporting, Accounting, CSE Reporting, Business Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions, GAAP/ IFRS Conversion, Pre IPO/RTO Prep, Section 280E Tax, and Biological Assets Valuation to CBD/Hemp businesses and investors in California at first, then to those within the other states that has legalized cannabis.

The CBD market in the US is very fragmented, lack established process control and protocols, and is without formulations standardization. KDCE is stepping into this space to standardize and reorganize this market, establish process control (benchmarks and protocols), and create formulation standards for the industry. KDCE seeks to control the production and distribution of verities of consumer cannabidiol (CBD) formulation under private brands in the United States. KDCE’s goal is to bring standardization to the CBD industry, the same way that John D Rockefeller’s Standard Oil brought standardization to crude refining in the United States in the nineteenth century.

Our process standardization would entail steps that include (a) ethanol extraction system, (b) winterization to remove fats; (c) multiple rounds of rotary evaporation are used to remove plant material and other unnecessary components; (d) extract decarboxylation to transform into a crystalline structure with a proprietary post-processing technique; and (e) extract testing by third-party laboratories, packaging, and readiness for shipment.

Opportunities for Rollup and Consolidation

KDCE through CBDZ (WWW.CBDXFUND.COM) has agreed to rollup 10 CBD operations with $54 million in annual revenue. These rollup will IPO on the NASDAQ or NYSE and Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) via Reg. A+, which is already filed with the SEC. Our Reg A+ was qualified by te SEC on April 16, 2019. We therefore intend to raise the $50 million, purchase the 10 targets, and get listed on the NASDAQ or NYSE. A $1,000 invested at this ground floor could fetch a lot more post-IPO because NASDAQ and NYSE market-participants pay between $131-$215 price to sale multiples for rollup/consolidated Cannabis businesses.

We need to raise $50 million to acquire ≥10 CBD operations which we’ll rollup into our holding company and IPO on the NASDAQ or New York Stock Exchange.All our targeted acquisitions are profitable operations.We plan to keep 50% of the profits for future growth, and pay 50% back to our investors as dividends.

Value Proposition:

  • KDCE provide investors with opportunity to invest in the cannabis industry at the ground floor.For example, if an investor wants to invest in the publicly traded cannabis businesses on the stock market today, the investor would be paying $131-$215 price to sale multiples.
  • Investing with us would give the investors a better deal because we’ll be acquiring cannabis businesses at close to 2:1 investment to revenue.For example, with the 10 CBD operations identified, we’ll be buying at less than $2.00 for every $1.00 of revenue.

Value-adding Processes

Our proforma financial projection showed that this rollup could be worth $4.6 billion on the stock exchange once KDCE have finished rollup and consolidation of all the 10 CBD operations and hemp cultivation facilities.This valuation is based on the weighted average multiple of X-sales and X-net profit of cannabis businesses currently trading on the exchanges.

Important Development

In pursuit our goal of getting listed or up-listed on the Nasdaq within the next 12 months, we acquired voting control of Kid Castle Educational Corporation (OTC PINK: KDCE) on October 21, 2019. Kid Castle is traded on the OTC pinksheet with the ticker symbol KDCE. See. also.

Since the disclosure of our acquisition, the stock price of KDCE has traded between $0.02 to $2.50, with a most recent close on 10/28/2019 at about $1.27, given our investment a “paper” value of over $88 million on that date.Following the acquisition, CBDZ appointed Mr. Frank I Igwealor as the KDCE's Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors effective October 21, 2019.


$54,000,000 Sales
31.48% ROI
Cash Flow Positive

Pitch Deck


  • We are currently reviewing transfer agents to see who is most likely to help our objectives of becoming Nasdaq-listed within 12-36 months.

    May, 2019
  • Good news. Our Reg A+ Tier 2 Offering Circular has been qualified by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on April 16, 2019.

    April, 2019
  • CBDZ is negotiating with the largest Indian reservation in Portland, Oregon to secure a large land to grow hemp and open CBD extraction

    December, 2018
  • As part of this agreement, CBDZ would acquire all prior invention of the scientist including all cannabis/hemp based formulations.

    December, 2018
  • CBDZ is in the middle of negotiating employment agreement with certain CBD/THC scientist as a Chief Scientific Officer, to join our team.

    December, 2018
  • Finalized Regulation D 506(c) offering for its Secured Convertible Note paying 8% annual interest. A $1,000 Note is convertible into 80

    December, 2018
  • Filed Regulation A+ with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

    December, 2018
  • Company was formed

    May, 2014
  • We acquired 70 million shares (voting control) of Kid Castle Educational Corporation (OTCPINK: KDCE) on October 21, 2019.

    October, 2019
  • KDCE gained 8,000% before coming down to settle at 4,000% increase on the first day of trade on the stock market.

    October, 2019
  • A $1,000 invest in KDCE on Thursday October 23, 2019 could have fetched the investor $40,050 on Friday October 24, 2019 because of CBDZ buy

    October, 2019