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Caspian Royal Fish and Caviar, LLC

Caspian Royal Fish and Caviar, LLC

World's finest caviar produced in the USA. No kill harvesting of caviar.

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Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

We feel we can raise Russian sturgeon and harvest the best quality caviar in the world. There is a demand in sturgeon meat and caviar that we want to fulfill. Sturgeon is an endangered species and we want to reverse that trend and to stem poaching of the fish.

What Sets Us Apart

We will be the only company that will produce many byproducts from sturgeon, utilizing nearly all of the fish. The products we will produce are cosmetics, medicines, leather, biofuels, oils, meat, caviar butter, and glue. We are one of only a few sturgeon fisheries that have skilled professionals who know how to perform a no kill method of harvesting the caviar, allowing many yearly harvests from the same fish throughout its 80-100 year lifespan. We are a minority owned company.

Our Keys To Success

Our keys to success are the focus on creating well paying jobs in the USA and the desire to produce the best quality and beneficial products for consumers. We also have the highest respect for the sturgeon and want to contribute to the success of the species and bring it out of the brink of extinction.


  • We obtained a purchase order of sturgeon meat and caviar from a customer in Baku, Azerbaijan, in the amount close to $600,000.

    January, 2017