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Career Journey GPS, Inc. -

Career Journey GPS, Inc. -

Vocationally themed media network and engagement platform for matching Millennials & Employers ("MTV + CNBC + eHarmony")

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Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

I started the company in order to meet the global unmet need of a scalable "Education-to-Employment" solution. My passion is to build a solution that inspires, empowers and equips students to navigate their path through high school and college to a passionate and purposeful vocation of their choice.

What Sets Us Apart

What differentiates our company from the competitor set in this space is: 1) our core POV on the three vocational engagement gaps between students, schools and employers and 2) the unique alchemy of our approach to bridging those gaps -- Media Network + Engagement Platform + (Big) Data Analytics.

Our Keys To Success

The keys to our success are: 1) deep and energetic user (student) engagement via creative and branded vocational content that life cycles a student through "Discover, Exploration, Readiness and Placement; 2) active enrollment of employer customers and recruiters and the establishment of job profiles; and 3) intelligent and dynamic leveraging of data from students and employers into proprietary algorithm to create "highly suitable" student-employer matches.


1000 Users
$25,000 Sales


  • Live Beta Launched:

    October, 2016