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California Live! Center

California Live! Center

When life's not playing fair, come over!

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Company Overview


Has anybody noticed that people “got to have some beer” when they are stressed? What about when they are not stressed, but happy, feeling lucky or just plain joyful? You got it: they still gotta have some beer!

And the Beat Goes On!

Poor or rich, boom times or recessions, people “just wanna have fun”, credit pop icon Cyndi Lauper. And if having a couple of beers is the center of what we perceive as having fun; toss in some pizzas or tacos and soda, together with some music. You getting the drift? We are talking about clubbing!


If clubbing is so central to our good mood and enjoyment, why are they so difficult to set up? There are 10.5 million people in Los Angeles County. Out of the 237 countries and territories on the planet, 10.5 million people will place LA County at #89th. That means LA County has more humans than 148 nations around the world. Yet, counting the number of clubs to people, LA County is tethering at the bottom. Why?


(Not in My Backyard)

NIMBY, that’s the problem. We all wanna have fun at someone else’s backyard, and not ours. Everybody is afraid of imagined drunk people at a club having a circular firing squad. Truth be told, more Americans die of choking on pretzels than being shot at a nightclub. In some parts of LA County, only garbage dumpsites and cemeteries are harder to put up than nightclubs!

Other than a few restaurants with dancing floors, there are no real nightclubs with good facilities as we all expect a nightclub to be. Currently, people near our site–Pico Rivera­­­--must travel to Hollywood or near the beach in Orange County to enjoy a real nightclub experience.

That’s 20 miles in every direction. Now you know why Friday night from 11 pm to 3 am Saturday morning is the deadliest time to drive. Woozy and half-awake drivers driving because home is 20 miles away from their favorite nightclub.

The Opportunity

If people seem to need and want a nightclub and banquet hall that provides everything, our endeavor is to give it to them—for a good, good return on our investments.

We call our new location California Live! Center. It is a fascinating Event and Entertainment Center for its beauty, location and usefulness. Most events can be hosted here, day or night. If it is school graduation, birthdays, sweet sixteen, bar mitzvah, quinceanera, live concert, corporate anniversaries and award ceremonies, civil, political, townhall and religious conventions, etc., California Live! Center is the hottest place to be.

Beer is one of the largest expense in the operation of a club. We are investing in a Micro Brew at our site to pass on the savings to our customers whilst still upping our profits.

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