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Your Personal A.I. Doctor - AITOPYA. Providing free, equal healthcare, anywhere at any time.

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Company Overview

We are a Swedish med-tech company developing a consumer healthcare app, a Personal A.I. Doctor called AITOPYA. Our vision is to make healthcare a right and not a privilege by focusing on a huge problem within the healthcare industry: misdiagnosis.

1/3 of all patients around the world are being misdiagnosed every year. These Misdiagnoses are costing healthcare billions of dollars and causing suffering and even deaths every day. This is especially becoming a bigger problem in the emerging markets.

AITOPYA prevents and identifies diagnoses in time to save lives and increase access to healthcare. It is a smartphone application with a consumer focus that gives you instant access to healthcare 24/7 through the power of A.I.:

  • Prevents - possible diseases even when you’re healthy by monitoring your health 24/7
  • Self-diagnostics - Identify possible diseases when you have health problems by inputting your health data with a diagnostic accuracy of 92%. It then provides self-care recommendations so you can take care of it from the comfort of your home.
  • Connects you to the right health professional - if you’re in need of medical attention - like a for healthcare.
  • Assisting health professionals - by transferring and analyzing your health data to partnering clinics that facilitates diagnostic decision making and administration. They can also interact with you through video and chat in AITOPYA.

AITOPYA outperforms its competitors with a 92% diagnostic accuracy and with its unique integration towards clinics and health professionals.

We've raised $1M USD to date and we are now initiating our Seed round for further growth and development.


20 Employees
10,000 Users


  • 10,000 monthly users and 103 health professionals connected to AITOPYA!

    July, 2019
  • 200% MoM growth since launch in February 2019.

    July, 2019