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Revolutionize E-commerce through an adaptive next generation platform that uses AI/ML/AR to meet buyers & sellers higher expectations

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Company Overview



Brown Eagle Brown is a provider of a next generation E-commerce marketplace. It is an offshoot of an already successful trading business Brown Eagle Limited that was founded in Dubai 10 years ago. $1,000k has already been invested into the new company by the founders up to end Dec-17, and with a further committed investment from the founders of $500k the prototype will be ready in Mar-18 and registration of suppliers will commence. The company is seeking an additional investment of $1.5M to be spent on additional product development, marketing and staff to bring outsourced activities in-house.

Full launch of the platform is expected Jan-19.

Funding Needs and Milestones

$1,500k is Required for 12 month runway to reach launch


Mar-18 Alpha launch and commence supplier registration.

Jun-18 Beta launch.

Sep-18 Launch of MVP and soft launch


Badih Chaarani : Founder and CEO Over 10 years experience as Founder of Brown Eagle Dubai in the supply and sale of products and services for railway, building, industrial and energy sectors in MENA. Previously 20 years management experience.

Chawki Charani: Co-Founder, Managing Director USA, Bachelor in Business, finance major candidate at Leeds Business School, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Sanjay Pareek: Head of Technology Over 12 years experience as software engineering and management and direction of product development in China, Thailand, Singapore, USA, Canada and India. Previously CTO for Sipani Online

Brown Eagle is seeking to revolutionize E-commerce. It will do this by introducing an adaptive next generation platform that will deploy artificial intelligence and new knowledge driven machine learning to ensure that the right products and services are available to be sold at the lowest price, delivered when most convenient to consumers or business buyers, whether they are domestically located or cross border, across a wide range of products from health and beauty to light equipment and tools.

Customer Demands are Driving Future Focus

B2C and B2B E-commerce Problems

The market incumbents are pushing down a software platform that is heavy, rigid, and costly to update and are failing to address these problems:

Lack of Industry Customization. Buyers must be able to easily and quickly find and compare products, prices, specifications and real-time stock levels in order to make informed purchase decisions – otherwise they will go elsewhere. Different industries require different products and different detailed specifications as reported by Aspidistra 2015.

Lack of Geography Customization. Buyers are bombarded with e-commerce platforms that are not sensitive to their community social, cultural & language preferences, as reported by Payvision, 2017, who found that 61% of respondents advised e-commerce companies to invest time to understand local language and/or culture.

Overpriced and Under-served Fulfillment Outside Cities. Major cities worldwide are well served by the leading fulfillment providers at relatively high costs; other geography deliveries remain over-priced and under-served. Transaction fees are also overpriced, as reported by Brown Eagle survey, 2017, that reported 41% of respondents advised transaction fees on their current platform were too high.

Customers Seeking Smooth and Seamless Cross Border Experience. Cross-border trading continues to grow and drive global retail. Customers are increasingly seeking overseas products and hoping for a smooth and seamless experience, even as merchants are less willing to provide them as reported by PayVision 2016.

Brown Eagle Survey of +1,400 E-commerce Buyers and Sellers in 10 Countries, 2017

Satisfaction : Only 60% of all buyers and sellers (56% sellers, 65% buyers) in Spain, Italy, France said that they were completely satisfied with their existing E-commerce platform.

Buyers: 90% is the Average percentage of buyers interested to register, or will consider registration after launch in Spain, Italy, France

Sellers: 83% interested to register, or will consider registration after launch in Spain, Italy, France

Enhanced Search: 59% of buyers in Spain, Italy, France said that search functions could be improved on their existing E-commerce platform.

Save Money: 41% of buyers in Spain, Italy, France said that transaction fees on their existing E-commerce platform were too high.

Cross Border Transactions: 85% of buyers in Spain , Italy, France said that they would be interested to use the platform for cross-border transactions.

Source: Independent survey mandated by Brown Eagle, conducted by Pollfish USA & Kompass Germany, Feb - Jun 2017

Market Opportunity

$32.5B Est in 2017 with Cross-Border Growing at 17% CAGR

Total Available Market for retail E-commerce sales worldwide was $2,290B in 2017 as reported by eMarketer 2017 with a CAGR of 14.4% over the next four years.

Brown Eagle research found the highest interest to adopt the platform with highest potential was Spain and Italy. These markets produce light equipment & tools and health & beauty products that are poorly represented by other E-commerce platforms. Additionally Brown Eagle added France, Europe, USA, Brazil and Mexico as favorable cross-border markets. PayVision 2017 reports breakdown by country and product.

Assuming Brown Eagle can capture just 5% of the SAM the SOM is $1.6B.

Note: Brown Eagle financial model predicts total goods ordered value of $0.9B - $1.8B in 2022.

The Solution

The Brown Eagle Solution Addresses all the Problems

Lack of Industry Customization: Brown Eagle deploys artificial intelligence to ensure that the right products and services are available to be sold at the lowest price through the use of advance search. The website has industry specific sections and ensure products specifications are deep and are tailored to each industry.

Lack of Geography Customization: Initially focusing on Spanish speaking communities, customer behavior is constantly monitored and implemented thru new knowledge driven machine learning technology. Brown Eagle strives to partner buyers with local sellers & third party service providers to improve local economy.

Customers Seeking Smooth and Seamless Cross Border Experience: Brown Eagle focuses on the customer journey. Local service providers provide additional fulfillment services such as packaging, storage, logistics, customs clearance and payment of duties and taxes even if the seller is not willing to offer these services. In house trade managers ensure a smooth experience.

Overpriced and Under-served Fulfillment Outside Cities: The Brown Eagle platform matches local service providers with service requests from buyers in each locality served to reduce costs, reach under-served territories to the benefit of local communities and customers. Transaction fees and membership fees are kept to a minimum.

We are not in the process of completing any past project & are fully dedicated to the success of Brown Eagle, we also have the full Backing of the mother company Brown Eagle, Dubai.

There are no approvals or premarket reviews by outside companies or agencies required to proceed with distributing of rewards.

The main challenges will be the operations, competition and growth and here is how we plan to deal with these challenges:

Growth Strategy


We will start where others have ended and develop & innovate.

Music, Movies, Culture is important targeting the taste of local communities.

We are focusing initially on Spain & Latin culture starting with the 3 countries in Europe then targeting the rest of Europe & then scaling up across countries and verticals into the USA (that has a large Hispanic community) , Mexico & Brazil. Early on engaging Third Party Service Providers (TPSP)in building up our platform and IF Freelancers & independent local logistic service providers.

Brand Emphasis linking our environmental core values of free earth & supporting local communities.


Global outsourcing to reduce costs our ability to manage Dubai/India-Europe-Americas, Experience in efficiently handling various teams worldwide.

Leverage Brown Eagle Dubai history & track record & relations with major European & US companies to kick start the business.

Opening up the process to TPSP to include emerging talents & saving costs.

Enable Cryptocurrency payments.


Cloud based reduces costs & increase efficiencies tremendously.

Partnering with major technology providers whose interests merge with ours i.e. Google, Upworks, MSFT, Salesforce.