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Brick Cave Media, LLC.

Brick Cave Media, LLC.

Publisher of Fiction, Poetry and... Curiosities

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Company Overview

Started in 2006, Brick Cave Media (BC) has worked in multiple media, releasing several albums of spoken word material from 2006-2009 and filming a feature length movie Sacrifice: in 2010.

Since 2010, Brick Cave Media has focused on publishing, working in the fantasy, science fiction and poetry genre. Brick Cave Media currently represents 50 published titles by 9 separate authors (as of 2017) and looks to add 4-6 new titles each year to their library.

Having build a network of direct sales channel opportunities through Book Festivals, Partnerships and other Pop Culture Conventions, BC has established a growing following of readers and fans of their works and the authors represented. As the library and community of readers continues to grow, we anticipate an upward cycle of growth and success.

Combining traditional distribution methods with their own digital eCommerce as well as event marketing through Book Festivals and themed appropriate pop culture conventions, Brick Cave Media looks to create a consistent, diversified income stream, which will then allow the company to reinvest in additional media based on the properties of the publishing arm.

Pitch Deck


"​This review contained both a review of a particular title we published, but also a testament to the overall quality of the Press. “... two of those books were excellent. And interestingly, they were both from the same publishing house, Brick Cave Media. I think those folks have their act together.”​​"