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BrewDog USA

BrewDog USA

Making other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are.

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Company Overview

In 2007, James Watt and Martin Dickie, and their pup Bracken, founded BrewDog in Martin’s mum’s garage in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Two years later we tore up convention, turned the traditional business model on its head and launched Equity for Punks, giving thousands a front row seat to the craft beer revolution.


Equity for Punks first landed in America in 2016, rallying over 8,000 people to our craft beer crusade. We are live with our second Equity for Punks raise in the U.S. on Crowdfunder, offering hop heads 30 days to invest in our U.S. business!

BrewDog USA Inc. the U.S. subsidiary of BrewDog plc - one of the largest and fastest growing craft brewers in Europe.

Some key stats:

  • BrewDog plc has been one of the fastest growing food & drinks company in the UK for the last six years consecutively.
  • In 2017, BrewDog plc grew its overall UK sales by 78%, and shipped 104 million bottles of beer worldwide.
  • BrewDog plc is taking all that we have learned since 2007, and applying it in America as we look to build our US business through BrewDog USA Inc.

BrewDog in the USA


Launched in 2017, BrewDog USA Inc. has a state-of-the-art brewery just 10 miles south of downtown Columbus, Ohio. BrewDog USA Inc. arrived in America with brand recognition, owing to our TV show, Brew Dogs. The show aired for three seasons, and was the longest-running beer TV show in history, broadcast on Esquire in the US.

Our U.S. brewery employs over 200 people in the city of Columbus, as well as a number of people across the United States. Our seasoned brewing team combine experience from leading breweries such as Founders, FireStone Walker, Wicked Weed and New Belgium.

Our brewery also houses a taproom and restaurant (DogTap), garden, visitor center, and our newly opened BrewDog Beer Museum. The 100,000 sq ft brewery is built on a 42 acre site, and we just opened the world’s first crowd-funded craft beer hotel (Doghouse) inside the brewery, creating an ultimate destination for craft beer lovers right in the heart of Ohio.


Our plans for the money raised

BrewDog USA Inc.'s first American venue launched on site at our Ohio brewery 6 months before we even produced our first beer! DogTap was a hit from the start, and we have since launched two additional bars in Columbus: The Short North and Franklinton.

With the money raised, we plan to open more amazing craft beer bars across the USA, with any city with over 500 investors making it onto our initial hitlist:

Our taproom, DogTap, often plays host to events for our local community, be it a birthday, family get together or even dog birthday "paw-ties”. We see a huge opportunity to build an awesome conference and events space on site in Columbus, with capacity for 500 people and the best beer you’ll ever find in such a venue! Get working on your guest list!

Last year, BrewDog USA Inc. raised initial funds for a sour beer facility in Ohio. Your investment will help develop the recipes and production requirements for this exciting new brewing endeavor.


Shareholder benefits:

All investors in Equity for Punks USA get access to a whole raft of benefits:

  • 5% discount in all BrewDog bars worldwide
  • 10% discount across our U.S. online shop
  • 10% off DogHouse standard rooms
  • Free tours of our both our breweries
  • An invite to our soon-to-be-legendary annual AGM (annual general mayhem)
  • Access to the Equity Punk Forum, where you can have a say in how our company is run
  • An Equity for Punks ID card
  • An invite to the Renegade Brewing Collective, to decide what beer we brew for our Equity Punks
  • A free draft BrewDog beer on your birthday, redeemable at any BrewDog bar
  • A copy of Craft Beer for the People, our latest book

On top of these every day benefits, there are a host of higher tier benefits that you can get your paws on!

Extra Benefits:

$100 investment: A 3 month subscription to our digital TV network: Drink TV

$200 investment: A 6 month subscription to our digital TV network.

$400 investment: A 12 month subscription to our digital TV network.

$500 investment: A 12 month subscription to our television network, an increased discount worth 20% for our U.S. online store, an increased discount worth 10% for our bars, and an exclusive Equity Punk t-shirt and pin badge you can collect from DogTap Columbus for free or add to an order from our U.S. online shop once the raise is complete.

Club Benefits:

Boosted Benefits:

Travel is not included for any Boosted Benefits perks, and are only available to one person to claim per investment, unless otherwise stated.

Got a question about Equity for Punks USA? Sling an email to and we'll help you out!

For more info, download our Executive Summary from the Downloads section