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Braun Medical Inc

Braun Medical Inc

Braun Medical Inc provides the avenue for increasing access to medicine by allowing non-medical investments into urgent care practices.

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Company Overview

Braun Medical Inc: Is a company that provides the capital for medical providers to open their own urgent care under the Braun brand name. We provide the means and service of setting up the Braun Urgent Care (BUC) business as an individual PC under the providers name, scouting the lease space and dealing with the brokers and landowners, ordering equipment to stock the BUC from exam tables to the stapler, branding and marketing, and signage. We can even provide a staffing company if needed.

What is an Urgent Care?

Braun Urgent Care (BUC): Provides fast medical treatment of acute medical conditions with minimal wait times servicing the uninsured and insured. The BUC locations will integrate into the communities with close proximity to larger hospital systems and act to alleviate demand for emergency department (ED) services by shifting lower acuity patients to less resource-intensive environments. Minimize duplication of services that would lead to unnecessary medical spending without discernible quality or service advantages by providing the urgent care with an active and present owner/operator and remotely available medical director.